Georges Cangiano

Georges Cangiano

Transformation Program Director, Arval France

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Précédents : Arval France, BNP Paribas, BNP Leasing Solutions, Régime social des Indépendants, GIE Organic Cancava, American Hospital of Paris, ARTHUR ANDERSEN, Agence Française du Sang (French Blood Agency), Thomson - Jeddah - Saoudi Arabia, Various, Inc.


Précédents : ESSEC Business School, Université Claude Bernard Lyon, IAE LYON, Université Marseille


    En résumé

    Chief Transformation Officer & Experienced Program Director with a demonstrated experience of working in the financial services industry and Digital transformation. Strong business development of professional skills in Negotiation, Business Planning, Management, Mergers & Acquisitions, Human ressources and Supply Chain Management. Transformations conducted through operational and corporate management positions


Transformation Program Director

Chez Arval France

De novembre 2017 à aujourd'hui
Modernization program of the Business Information systems (200 software, 300,000 vehicles) and transformation of associated organizations (1200 users). Transformation of Equus program after major operational difficulties. Restoration of activities (financial & business areas), transformation of the ...
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Digital Working Program Director

Chez Arval France

De avril 2017 à novembre 2017
Define and structure the Digital Working Program of Arval Group as part of the 2020 strategy : goals, budget and calendar of the main projects. Provide realizations in various domains such as Digital Salesman (500 users impacted in 26 countries), Digital IT infrastructure (extended video conf. ...
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Integration Program Director

Chez Arval France

De novembre 2015 à avril 2017
In November 2015, Arval has completed the acquisition of GE Capital’s European fleet management activities. The deal propels Arval to the number one position in Europe in the full service vehicle leasing sector, with a leased fleet of 930,000 vehicles worldwide, in 26 countries. Construction of the ...
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Strategic Program Director

Chez BNP Paribas

De septembre 2013 à septembre 2015
Feasibility studies then management of a Strategic European Back Office transformation. A cross-functional program requiring skills in opportunity study, Business Case, employment areas, social communication... with operational aspects of implementing service centers (HR, legal, I.T, process...).

Service factory Director

Chez BNP Leasing Solutions

De janvier 2009 à août 2013
Reporting to the CEO of Leasing Solutions, the Service factory Director drives the changes meant to improve Efficiency of the Business units (sale, front, and back-offices). To achieve this goal, the Service Factory is in charge of IT development and run, projects management and organisation ...
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Chief Infomation Officer

Chez Régime social des Indépendants

De juillet 2005 à décembre 2008
Merger of the GIE Organic-Cancava and the IT of the Health division into a single Information Systems Management. Setting up the organization and implementing IT tools for the creation of the second French social security scheme. (3 million Social insured persons, 30 billion euros managed per year). ...
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ESSEC Business School, Paris

Management general (Advanced Management Program), ESSEC Business School

De 2007 à 2008
Through interaction with international and diverse peers as well as with senior ESSEC Faculty, expand business repertoire to include new concepts, paradigms and practices CNCP, AACSB, EQUIS accreditations

Executive Director

Chez GIE Organic Cancava

De juillet 2003 à juillet 2006
Creation, management and closing of an IT GIE. Merger of two independent organizations to build an efficient IT profit center for the management of artisans' and retailers' retirement plans (2 million insured individuals: 15 billion euros per year). GIE of 300 employees on 3 sites. Annual budget: 40 ...
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Chief Information Officer

Chez American Hospital of Paris

De juin 2002 à juin 2003
Defined and implemented the AHP IT strategy to change it into the European platform of information technologies. Searched for financing from American donors and reported to the American foundation.

Experimented Manager


De juin 1998 à juin 2002
Creation of a consulting activity in organization and audit of IT tools for businesses: from prospecting potential clients to performing missions: defining solutions combining organization and technological tools, reviewing business plans, assisting in the acquisition of businesses and account ...
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Chief Information Officer

Chez Agence Française du Sang (French Blood Agency)

De juillet 1993 à juin 1998
Actor of the blood transfusion reform triggered by a major health incident. Use of informatics as a lever for change and reorganization. Reinforced security and improved information flow in an organization including 180 sites. Definition of European standards and exchanges with the Food & Drug ...
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Chief Information Officer

Chez Thomson - Jeddah - Saoudi Arabia

De juillet 1988 à décembre 1992
Programmer analyst, project manager then IT Manager for the group in administrative and military IT, for the major part at Saudi clients. Managed the IT department which included expatriates of several nationalities.

IT Developer

Chez Various, Inc.

De juillet 1986 à décembre 1988
development of tailor-made software packages for Company in biology sector and military service in the IT department. Skills & Expertise ,



De 1985 à 1986
In parallel with postgraduate degree of Biology, Management, Tax & Legal, Financial reporting ...

Université Claude Bernard Lyon, Lyon

Postgraduated Degree in Microbiology, Université Claude Bernard Lyon

De 1985 à 1986
Postgraduate Diploma in Science allows students to take their knowledge and skills in varous microbiology domains to an advanced level

Université Marseille, Marseille

Maitrise de biologie et microbiologie, Université Marseille

De 1984 à 1985


  • Audit
  • Blood Transfusion
  • Budgets
  • Business Strategy Management
  • Change Management Management
  • Communication
  • Conduite du changement
  • Feasibility Studies
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