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Guillaume Bogard

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Précédents : Université De Lorraine


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    I am a self-taught full-stack Web developer. I enjoy crafting apps that people enjoy using. I started building websites as a teenager, using PHP and MySQL. I've discovered over time the joy of beautiful PHP code, MVC patterns, DRY ... I am familiar with Laravel and capable of building complex apps in PHP. My skills are not restrained to back-end development : I am fluent in HTML and CSS, and I enjoy creating enjoyable, responsive user experiences. Although PHP was my first love, my tool of choice is now Node.js. I usually choose the MEAN stack (Mongo + node.js + Express + Angular) for my projects. I like the performance it brings to the apps, and the comfort of having one language to rule them all. I am a passionate developer and I am very curious about innovations and technology. I am quick learner and I enjoy discovering new things regularly. Therefore, I've acquired more or less knowledge of various technologies and languages such as Ruby on Rails (which I used to be very comfortable with, though I am probably a bit rusty now), Symfony, React, Scala ...



Développeur Javascript

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De novembre 2016 à aujourd'hui

Javascript Developer

Chez Docler Holding Luxembourg

De mai 2016 à octobre 2016
Development of a web-app for handling business logic (mainly e-mail marketing). The app is linked with a Strongloop API and leverages Redis for better performance. Development of an API using Express.js, intended to generate and deliver business insights. Skills : Front-end Javascript using ...
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Développeur Web


De mai 2015 à janvier 2016
It was a service I made aiming at providing game servers (Minecraft and CS:GO) at no cost thanks to advertisement. It also featured premium plans for a more intensive usage. The main part of this project was the custom built administration panel, which allowed the clients to easily manage their ...
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