Hana El Khedri

Hana El Khedri

Intern, University of Exeter

A l'écoute d'opportunités

En formation chez Ecole Nationale Supérieure De Mécanique Et Des Microtechniques (ENSMM)

Précédents : Lycée Saint Exupery


    En résumé

    Being always curious about the functioning of the many devices we are surrounded by, a great science lover, and constantly seeking new cultural and professional experiences, I have decided to become a mechanical engineer. Not yet graduated, still I am no stranger to some of the industrial and academical requirements the work as an engineer implies. Indeed, I have a 6-months​ experience within the biomedical firm STATICE, a 6-months experience into the Spanish industry in EFI Cretaprint, as well as a 6-months experience within the Mechanical department of Airbus D&S, and I am about to finish my 6-months experience in the United Kingdom as a research team member. This various range of experiences enabled me to expand my vision of engineering through the achievement of various tasks, to develop my adaptation abilities and to discover new organisational standards within a company. It also led me to improve my analytical and organisational skills while pursuing my discovery and my understanding of various mechanical systems. To me, engineering is a way of understanding and improving the world we live in. By creating, exploring and improving new type of devices, the engineer is capable of making life easier to anyone, helping any country's development especially through medical, transport, educational and informational systems, along with addressing environmental and ethical challenges. Specifically interested into space and astronomy, as well as in environmental challenges, I would like to put my skills and motivation at the service of one of those fields in the next 5 years. Eager to work within a multicultural team on innovative projects, I would like to start my career in my homeland (France) but would also consider exploring opportunities abroad further on, and always find myself involved into stimulating experiences leading to the acquisition of any kind of knowledge.


Ecole Nationale Supérieure De Mécanique Et Des Microtechniques (ENSMM), Besancon

Mechanical Engineering, Ecole d'ingénieur généraliste à dominante mécanique et microtechniques

De septembre 2013 à aujourd'hui
The ENSMM, Besançon, France, has 33 partner universities around the world like: Tokyo Denki University, University of Exeter, University of Karlsruhe, University of Sherbrooke. International memberships: ERASMUS+, ARFETEC, BRAFETEC. Main courses : Mechanics and Material Sciences, Electronics, ...
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Intern at the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences

Chez University of Exeter

De février 2017 à août 2017
Studying meshless methods on turbine blades - Picked up the research work from an engineering student's on-going project (now over) who has been working on implementing a meshless code. - Presented an introductory 20 minute seminar on one of the existing meshless method, showing off some ...
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Final-year project - Adaptive optics

Chez Ecole Nationale Supérieure De Mécanique Et Des Microtechniques

De septembre 2016 à janvier 2017
L’objectif de ce projet a été la modélisation ainsi que la mise en place d’une version simplifiée d’un système optique adaptatif. De cette façon, l’étude s’est attachée à comprendre la façon avec laquelle un système d’optique adaptative parvient à corriger un front d’onde, perturbé par des ...
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Junior Engineer

Chez Airbus Group

De mars 2016 à août 2016
Located 40km away from Paris, in the heart of competitivity centers (Astech and Systém@tic), this site hosts most of the central services linked to the Space Transportation activity of Airbus Defence and Space. It is specialized in project management of great spatials and strategics programs (eg. ...
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Junior Supply Chain Engineer

Chez Efi Cretaprint

De février 2016 à mars 2016
Junior in charge of suppliers seeking and costs establishment in the supply chain department of EFI Cretaprint -Spain - Sorting technical data to put in parallel the company's needs with the suppliers' offer - Monitoring modifications in the need of components to update the suppliers' list - ...
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Junior R&D engineer

Chez Efi cretaprint

De septembre 2015 à février 2016
Junior in charge of research and development in the mechanical department of EFI Cretaprint - Spain - Designing pieces and assemblies for prototypes (3D + 2D) - Seeking and monitoring modifications on pieces to update the suppliers' list - Implementing design modifications into the current ...
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Student's Union Treasurer

Chez Ecole Nationale Supérieure De Mécanique Et Des Microtechniques

De février 2015 à juillet 2015
After my first year in ENSMM, my Students'​ Union team has been elected so I became in charge of handling the treasury for 6 months. The Sudents'​ Union works along with the ENSMM's administration (headteacher, technical department, international relations department), the ENSMM's organizations ...
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Member of the Quality Department

Chez MuConseil

De septembre 2013 à mai 2015
During my two years of study in ENSMM, I joined the school's Student Company as a member of the Quality Department. The Student Company, called MuConseil, works as a consulting firm by gathering engineering students willing to make good use of their technical skills, their creativity and their ...
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Junior in charge of the methods and industrialization


De septembre 2014 à février 2015
A supplier of micro-technical services in biomaterials, Statice designs and produces innovative made-to-measure instruments, and supports their clients from the beginning of the project through to the final production line. Statice is a manufacturing reference in the field of implants, medical ...
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Project in Mechanical Design

Chez Ecole Nationale Supérieure De Mécanique Et Des Microtechniques

De septembre 2013 à septembre 2014
During my 1st and 2nd year of Engineering School, I carried out two designing projects along with my course. In order to acquire the necessary design expertise to work as a efficient engineer I had to gain, through this project, knowledge of the various expected skills : communicating, deciding, ...
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Project in Computer Science

Chez Ecole Nationale Supérieure De Mécanique Et Des Microtechniques

De septembre 2013 à septembre 2014
During my 1st and 2nd year of Engineering School, I carried out this project along with my course. We were 2 students working on this project. In order to understand the way existing softwares work so as to improve them and to optimize their functioning, we developed 2 softwares each one ...
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Student Jobs

Chez Private

De octobre 2013 à juillet 2014
October 2013-June 2014 (9 months) Mathematics Teacher : Helping two 10th grade students in Mathematics July 2014 (2 weeks) Supervisor on Language Study Holidays at CLC - Club Langues et Civilisations

Lycée Saint Exupery, Mantes La Jolie

Bac scientifique, Lycée Saint Exupery

De septembre 2008 à juillet 2011


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