Jean-Marie Top

Jean-Marie Top

LFBB Airspace Design Officer, Bordeaux ACC

En poste chez Bordeaux ACC, DGAC

Précédents : FMP, DGAC


Précédents : Ecole Nationale De L'Aviation Civile (ENAC), ENAC, Lycée Jacques Decour, Lycée Louis Pasteur


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LFBB Airspace Design Officer

Chez Bordeaux ACC

De novembre 2011 à aujourd'hui
* Free Route Airspace Implementation ; * Coordination and monitoring of the creation of DCTs in UIR ; * In charge of safety management regarding the DCTs ; * Night Network Project manager * RAD LFBB co-leader with the FMP ; * LFBB Airspace Design (UIR and FIR) project ...
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Operational Controller

Chez FMP

De octobre 2001 à novembre 2011
DSNA/Directorate of Operations, the operational room. ; Paris -Athis-Mons

Air Traffic Controller


De 2007 à 2009
Airspace Design staff DSNA/Directorate of Operations, * Project assistant in several airspace design projects (Paris UIR, LFPG/PO TMA, LFFF Night network, RAD) * Examiner * Operational Controler

Air Traffic Controller


De 2001 à 2006
DSNA/Directorate of Operations, * OJTI, Continuous Training Instructor, Examiner, Human Factor Instructor ; * Operational Controller

ENAC, Toulouse


De 1996 à 1999

Ecole Nationale De L'Aviation Civile (ENAC), Toulouse

Diploma, Ecole Nationale de l'Aviation Civile (ENAC)

De 1996 à 1999
* Theoretical and practical courses including Air Traffic Management Rules, Initial ATC training (tower, approach, en-route)


  • Airspace Design
  • Airspace Design and
  • Airspace Implementation
  • Change Management
  • good experience
  • Microsoft Office
  • safety management

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