Jean-Pierre Lambert

Jean-Pierre Lambert

Agile Test Evangelist, Wemanity

En poste chez Wemanity

Précédents : Irdeto, ALTEN, ATEJI, ILOG


Précédents : Université Paris 7 Denis Diderot, Université Evry Val D'Essonne, Lycée Marie Laurencin


    En résumé

    When designing and making software, I like to think of us software engineers as Gepetto, and all those software-powered devices are our own little Pinocchio's. Well, taking a second look at this metaphor, Dr. Frankenstein may be a better match: our creations are often more than not a monstruous patchwork of legacy code, third party libraries and dodgy designs that do the trick, rather than a nice set of handcrafted pieces of code, with every part fitting perfectly well with each other. Still, the result works, and that's what really matters. We are giving life to inanimate objects when plugged into an electricity outlet. Who can say that of its daily job! What does this view of our industry tells about me? Well, it tells that I like end-users, the people for whom we create these electronic golem servants. I am concerned about delivering value. I don't really care about the technologies or the tools; what interest me are the business needs and how to get things done. I am fond of Agile methodologies, ever since I had the unexpected opportunity to be a Scrum Master to try and apply Scrum "by the book". In retrospect, this is not surprising given my business-focused mind, and that I'd rather work in a team. As much as I am a developer, as much I also consider testing an essential part of our businesses. Testing strategy, acceptance criteria, functional tests automation, test-driven development, spec by example: I am familiar with them and am also deeply convinced that any software business which is not, doesn't stand a chance to keep open for long. That's why I joined forces with WEmanity as a consultant on Agile Testing methodologies and Test Automation techniques.


Agile Test Evangelist

Chez Wemanity

De janvier 2015 à aujourd'hui
Markets are changing very quickly. Companies need to be entrepreneurial, competitive and even disruptive to keep the pace. While at the same time they need to be human, collaborative and open to spark creativity. It is the mission of Wemanity to bridge the gap between the innovative and ...
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Senior Software Engineer

Chez Irdeto

De janvier 2013 à janvier 2015
SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER à Irdeto – Développeur Middleware et Applicatif Java Fournisseur de Middleware et d’Applications des décodeurs MultiChoice Africa * Architecture et développement orienté objet, adressant des problématiques métier complexes * Aide à l’amélioration continue du process ...
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Consultant Expérimenté


De 2011 à décembre 2012
CONSULTANT EXPERIMENTE chez Alten, en mission chez NDS sur le plateau CanalSat Relecture et propositions de spec., développement et maintenance sur les projets G5 R4, G5+ R4 DTT, G5/G5+ R5 * Adaptation rapide et réussie aux domaines TV num., dév. embarqué, réseaux/IP/WiFi -> Réseaux : IP Module ...
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Ingénieur R&D


De 2005 à 2011
INGENIEUR R&D, concepteur et développeur principal d'OptimJ et Ateji PX à ATEJI Extensions du langage Java intégrées dans Eclipse : OptimJ (recherche opérationnelle) et Ateji PX (parallélisme et programmation de GPU) * Participation au cycle complet de développement * Rédacteur de la ...
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Ingénieur R&D (stagiaire)


INGENIEUR R&D, stage à ILOG (maintenant IBM) Développement d'une extension de Java : conception, descriptions formelles et développement de la syntaxe, sémantique, traduction ; présenté aux JFLA’05


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