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Joel Fruchart

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    Le centre Caribéen de Langues vous propose des cours d'anglais ou des cours d'espagnol. Ces cours s'adressent aux enfants inscrits dans le primaire, aux collégiens, aux lycéens, aux étudiants, mais aussi aux adultes, professionnels et entreprises Conceived to meet the needs of those who wish to learn French, the Centre Caribéen de Langues welcomes you in a paradisiacal place. Situated in Sainte Anne, Guadeloupe (French West Indies), our school enables you to study while being on holidays. Well specialized in French as a foreign language, we propose courses that are perfectly adapted to your needs. We also propose quality accommodations that suit your criteria exactly. Among our offers you surely will find the one that correspond to your wishes, are they to study with your family or to improve your French in a specific professional field. Small group courses are also available.




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