Jonathan MUSSET

Jonathan MUSSET

CEO @ Wayna Pitch

En poste chez Wayna Pitch

Précédents : Obeo


Précédents : Université Nantes, Faculté Des Sciences


    En résumé

    Jonathan is CEO at Wayna Pitch, a french production and distribution company. For a long time he’s been an IT engineer and CTO, but since 2011, he is a Director and Distributor of fictional feature films. On December 2013, he released Midnight Globe, his first feature as a Director. He has worked for 6 years on the production of two feature and on the theatrical distribution of seven. He takes part every year in the Cannes Producer’s Network with the aim of setting up an international co-production for Good-bye Romeo, his second feature film as a director.




Chez Wayna Pitch

De 2011 à aujourd'hui
Innovation and Feature Films - Based in Nantes, Wayna Pitch is a production and distribution firm of feature length fiction films, born in 2011 out of a love for cinema, creativity and digital innovation. Wayna Pitch has worked for 6 years on the production of two feature films ...
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Chez Obeo

De 2005 à février 2011
Jonathan was CTO at Obeo and he was made leader of the Acceleo project at the Eclipse consortium, the world’s biggest community of open-source software developers. This international platform lead Jonathan to speak at numerous conferences in Europe and California. In 2008 he followed the digital ...
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