Joshua Eckblad

Joshua Eckblad

Director, Strategy & Innovation

A keen interest in entrepreneurship, design leadership, and the Internet.

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Précédents : Kwaga, Open Text Corporation, It's My Newspaper, Integrated Visions Group, ProximIT, Ailink, North Carolina State University Computing Services


Précédents : London School Of Economics And Political Science, North Carolina State University, Franklin & Marshall College


    En résumé

    Over the last 13 years I have collaborated with organizations to define new innovation strategies, create business plans and digital platforms and produce breakthrough products and services. I have launched and developed Internet startups, partnered with technology leaders and worked with Fortune 500 / CAC 40 organizations across North America, Europe and the Middle East. Employing «design thinking» to reframe complex problems, my focus has been on identifying fundamental organizational challenges and building team commitment and capability to transform these challenges into business successes. I commit myself to taking teams and organizations to heights they have not previously thought they could reach. Developing the innovative capacity of people, teams, and organizations is what I enjoy most. My most significant rewards come from seeing those I work with grow in their skills, motivation, confidence and success. Always committed to every project 24/7, and having a career made up of an unending series of such projects, in the next phase of my career I want to engage in reflection on the larger issues stemming from technological innovation. Enjoying both American and European Union citizenships, I have professional experience working and living in Spain, France, England, Taiwan and the USA. I speak, read and write Spanish, French and English, understand spoken and written Portuguese. I am currently studying Mandarin.


Director, Innovation & Client Strategy

Chez Manageris

De mars 2011 à aujourd'hui
In my current role at Manageris, I have been working closely with organizational learning and human resource professionals to develop a new breed of digital coaches and online management toolkits that foster more open and nonhierarchical values. My work involves continually enhancing and ...
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VP, Marketing & Product Strategy

Chez Kwaga

De juillet 2009 à juillet 2011
Member of the founding team. Drove marketing and product strategy; designed and developed iterative prototypes tested with over 10,000 customers. Launched a successful B2C and B2B service. Assisted the CEO in building an international network of strategic partnerships in the Silicon Valley, NYC and ...
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Business Consultant, Client Strategy (Paris & London)

Chez Open Text Corporation

De novembre 2007 à juillet 2009
Engaged in fieldwork with European media groups to develop a vision of how semantic-intelligence technology could be leveraged to create personalized web experiences, as well as offer contextual search experiences to their millions of online readers. Led major strategic consulting engagements ...
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Founder, Product & Partnerships (Paris, France)

Chez It's My Newspaper

De janvier 2007 à juillet 2009
Founded a media platform to (1) enable readers to create a personalized newspaper made up of global sources in their original language and (2) provide newspaper and magazine publishers a research tool to uncover behavioral insights into an anonymized digital readership. Launched a pilot project with ...
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Business Consultant (London, England), EMEA Strategy

Chez Integrated Visions Group

De mars 2006 à novembre 2007
Member of a highly experienced six-person advisory team advising the company CEO and designing blueprints for company-wide initiatives, including a program to introduce the company on a European stock exchange. Integrated Visions Group is a consortium of Middle Eastern and Asian high-tech and ...
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Director, Digital Media Strategy (London, England)

Chez ProximIT

De octobre 2004 à mars 2006
Collaborated with a wide range of media clients to define innovation strategies. Carried out fieldwork inside media groups throughout Europe (e.g., RFE in Prague, Czech Republic) and the US to observe how these media groups work and share digital information. Captured structural changes taking ...
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International Consultant, Media Organization (Madrid, Spain)

Chez Ailink

De août 2001 à octobre 2004
Introduced the first native XML cloud-based editorial system in the world and accompanied media organizations in their structural transformations. Led pan-European organizational change projects in some of the world's leading media groups including Le Monde, Groupe Bayard, TIME and Gruner + ...
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North Carolina State University, Raleigh

North Carolina State University

De août 1998 à juillet 2001
Graduated Summa Cum Laude — Top 5% of class — 3.89 GPA

Digital Projects & Client Experience (USA)

Chez North Carolina State University Computing Services

De août 1998 à juillet 2001
Developed a portfolio of transversal information systems projects across University administrative departments to redesign the overall service experience. Gathered customer insights through interviews and by shadowing service users to discover what could be improved on. Partnered with staff ...
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Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Franklin & Marshall College

De août 1993 à décembre 1995
Top 10% of class — 3.36 GPA Recipient of The John Kryder Evans Award and designated Dana Scholar.


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