Laure-Anne Barreau

Laure-Anne Barreau

Chef de Projets Consultante, EFOR Healthcare

Strasbourg, France

Son parcours

  • Aujourd'hui
    Avril 2015

    Chef de Projets Consultante

    EFOR Healthcare
  • Aujourd'hui
    Octobre 2014
    Septembre 2013

    R&D Associate

    +10,000 employés

    Entrepreneurship - Partnership - Achievement

    Technical project leader of a new project for the Air Wick brand-
    Interconnected with different functions of the company (marketing, supply, purchase, quality…) to deliver a product on the market corresponding to our consumers’ expectations.
    Management of the timeline to monitor the good progress of the project and identify the tasks achievable in a minimum of time in order to maximize the quality and stability tests guaranteeing the outstanding performances of our future product.
    Teleconference leader to drive the decisions on a team commitment-

    Reason and friendly influencing strategy to:
    - Generate a sense of safety and confidence about the outcomes by minimizing the risks throughout objective analysis
    - Make the future predictable and more certain
    - To create an atmosphere of openness and trust to drive the challenge in team
  • Aujourd'hui
    Juillet 2013
    Janvier 2013

    Chef projet innovation

    Project leader for Dim brand –

    - Development of new cosmeto-textile using microcapsules to deliver to the consumer a healthier and better life
    - Project leader of a bio-sourced and recyclable new product to create a new brand image, more sustainable.

    Pilot the prototypes delivery to the marketing teams in order to commit decision in team on the progress of the project –
    Cross function between supplier, factory and marketing to monitor the manufacturing possibilities to achieve outstanding innovative products

    Competences: proactive, friendly, communication and determined
  • Aujourd'hui
    Avril 2013
    Avril 2013

    Participation à la formation Liebaert (Belgique)

    Textile and knit manufacturing training
    - Introduction of the new and current printing processes (digital, serigraphy and by transfer)
    - Improvement of the visual quality aspect of the textile (sparkles, flock, pigments…)
  • Aujourd'hui
    Septembre 2012
    Février 2012

    Internship 8 months (final year degree)

    Achieved within Spormex Ltd (spin out company within the University of Hull) whose core activity is to microencapsulates ingredients into pollen shell for various applications as pharmaceutical, food industry or cosmetic.

    Management of several projects in parallel:

    - Microencapsulation of active molecules to monitor their delivery into the stomach and gut track => pharmaceutical application
    - Fixation of pigments/dyes onto the external surface of the pollen shells for cosmetic application (determined by liquid and solid UV analysis and HPLC-MS)
    - Characterisation of the elasticity of the pollen shell to identify the Young Modulus in order to better understand the process of the ingredient release out of the capsule
    - Investigation of the chemical groups present on the surface of the shell of the Lycopodium Clavatum variety

    Competences acquired: timeline management to deliver the results on time, enhanced my chemical analytical skills, team work
  • UTC - Université de Technologie de Compiègne

    Master en Biotechnologie
    Master degree on the sustainable and renewable biomass
  • Diplôme d'ingénieur Chimiste
    Master degree in chemistry
  • Aujourd'hui
    Septembre 2011
    Juin 2011

    Stage ingénieur (3 mois)

    Experience achieved within the Green Chemistry department of the University of York

    Industrials project based on the development of bio-boards from wheat and rapeseed straws stems

    - Instron mechanical strength tests to monitor and validate the efficiency of the binder formulated from ecological raw material
    - Formulation of the binder

    Discovery of the industrial project management
  • Université Versailles Saint Quentin

    Bsc in chemistry
  • Aujourd'hui
    Avril 2008
    Mars 2008

    Enseignement de Physique/Chimie (1 mois)

    Physics-Chemistry teaching experience in a high school

Ses compétences

  • Communication
  • Organisée & méthodique
  • Innovation
  • Biotechnology
  • Chimie
  • Créativité
  • Gestion de projet
  • MS Project

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  • Français
    ****Langue maternelle
  • Anglais
  • Espagnol

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    Sa présentation

    Actuellement consultante chef de projets pour l'industrie pharmaceutique (purification HPLC)

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    Pascal MATTON
    Pierre TARDY
    • Responsable des Moyens Gėnėraux plateforme logistique Laboratoire AGUETTANT
    Clément Cahagne

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