Laurent Lemenager

Laurent Lemenager

supply chain excellence consultant, Chambre de commerce et d'industrie franco-russe (CCIFR)

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En poste chez Chambre de commerce et d'industrie franco-russe (CCIFR)

Précédents : Apollo Russia, Universite economique de SAMARA -Russie, Bosch industries E.L.M Leblanc, Zodiac aerospace, Association scouts et guides de France, Bouygues hongrie, Association socioal non profit à Budapest, Association du bois de bleville


Précédents : Institut Supérieur Du Commerce, AFT - IFTIM, Université Le Havre


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    At first educator for children in difficult suburb during 7 years, than as self-educated as logistic manager in the building construction then entertainment events area in France and Hungary, I have validated this experience with a Master and a MBA (logistics and Purchasing) As next step, I worked 3 years at Zodiac Aerospace as logistic manager where I had the responsibility to relocate one part of the firm to Tunisia, as well as organizing the physical & IT flows between the workshops by DRP, the haulage and appeal for tenders. Then 18 months at Bosch as internal flow manager where I had the responsibility to implement the lean organisation at the logistics and increase the efficiency, it was done with 10% in 1 year. I Live In Russia for 2 years at Samara; and I worked in different field as university, automobile, eletricity, construction. It has given to me a good vision of this country and of different sector. Work in Russia, above all in a different region than Moscow is an high and double challenge, it is cultural and professional in an other Russia where adapation, analyse, involment, humans relationship and speak Russian are the skills to suceed. The professionnal difficulties, i ve met in a hard environment, pushed you in your human and professionnal limits. But is it not the best way to discover yourself, to see what you are able to realize, suceed without all IT, management, process security that we have in Europe ? While this high professional and personal challenge is risky, but the most dangerous risks are those that we suffer, risk that we choose become a challenge and you become the actor. I have known chess but I learned, I understood, I came out stronger, humble, methodical, more committed, more in-depth analyst . My capacity to adapt myself , my resilience confirmed me that it is each manager responsability to choose the calculate risk and not suffer him. For Himself; for his compagny; for his team.


supply chain excellence consultant

Chez Chambre de commerce et d'industrie franco-russe (CCIFR)

De avril 2014 à aujourd'hui
Missions at Schneider Electric on a place of 100 hectares and 8 000 employees- lean manufacturing implementation - implementation tools analysis and stock management - GPAO and MRPII - coordination of 50 warehouses ( 200 000 part number) - implement cross dock - Reduction number of ...
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operation director

Chez Apollo Russia

De juillet 2013 à avril 2014
- Implement lean manufacturing - Change management from push flow to pull flow - Analyse added value - Implement GPAO and MRP II - Implentation ERP - Definition supply chain planning - Definition standard and process from Purchasing to client delivery


Chez Universite economique de SAMARA -Russie

De janvier 2013 à juillet 2013
logistics teacher at university of Samara

Warehouse manager and physical flow manager

Chez Bosch industries E.L.M Leblanc

De mars 2011 à novembre 2012
- Management of 50 logistics operators and 5 administrators and 3 technical support - Project logistic manager, implementation Lean Organization at the logistic - Material and humans resources Planning according plant supply chain - responsible for indirect efficiency - Value stream mapping, ...
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Institut Supérieur Du Commerce, Paris

MBA Purchasing and logistics, Institut Supérieur du Commerce

De 2010 à 2011
NOTE =15/20 thesis written on consequences of lean manufacturing on the management ( operators and managers) how match firm and employees interest?

Logistic manager/DRP project manager

Chez Zodiac aerospace

De 2008 à 2011
- Warehouse manager ( 7000 part number) - Put in place bar code and reintegration of logistic service after 5 year of externalization - Creation process flow for reception, shipping, KPI analysis and corrective action - Creation of warehouse in Tunisia, process into France and Tunisia, storage, ABC ...
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Event logistic manager

Chez Association scouts et guides de France

De 2004 à décembre 2006
Management and realization of meeting event for 15 000 people (National jamboree, catholic meeting…)  Coordination of about 60 to 150 persons, planning and build-up  purchasing, warehousing, delivery  waste evacuation , wc and shower setting up, supplying water electricity in a 55 hectares ...
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AFT - IFTIM, Paris



Université Le Havre, Le Havre

Diplome d'aptitude universitaire

DAEU - bac passé par correspondance

Logistic manager during building construction and event

Chez Bouygues hongrie

De 2002 à 2004
- Floor manager of the concert and sport event (Paul Mac Cartney, athletic world championship…) - Organization of the cleaning ( 4 to 50 persons), Warehouse manager of 4 store-keeper - Stock management, equipment maintenance and guarantee (cherry bicker, stage, ice hockey material…) - Write ...
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European Volonteer

Chez Association socioal non profit à Budapest

De 2001 à 2002
- European volunteering development meeting organization at Budapest (Hungary

Director of a social center in a priority education zone

Chez Association du bois de bleville

De 1996 à 2001
- Animator’s team management for 50 children ( 6 to 15 years old) , and young people in re insertion in society - Foundation and direction of this center and holidays’ organization for children - Relationship with the social partners (school, police, ccas…) - Organization and teaching of the ...
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