Cost estimator & bid support engineer, Areva

Paris, France

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Son parcours

  • Aujourd'hui
    Octobre 2013

    Cost estimator & bid support engineer

    +5000 employés

    Supporting a cost enhanced design of future EPR NM plants through cost management techniques such as Design To Cost engineering, lessons learned analysis, risk assessment

    Reinforcing ATMEA plant estimation by coordinating the bill of quantities referential, clarifing our scope sharing within consortium, estimating procurement and installation works based on EPR projects.

    Developing tools to better manage our deliverables and BOQs databases to :
    - reinforce the command of our engineering
    - pin point optimisation through costs analyse
    - influence improvements of engineering processes, product design features and tools

    Currently leading perfomance improvement workshops to support the company strategy: Engineering cost reduction, schedule efficiency, plant design optimizations.
  • Global Management

    After developing technical skills in the I&C field of expertise for 6 years, I enrolled in the IAE de Paris MBA program seeking to develop stronger economical and project management skills.
    Following courses such as financial analysis, cost management, behavioral and social science, project management, I was able to better focus my work on the value I could create, bring more positive thinking in
  • Aujourd'hui
    Octobre 2013
    Octobre 2008

    I&C Coordinator


    For TSU, a TECHNIP AREVA JV, within the I&C departement:
    Uranium extraction projects:
    Niger (Imouraren) from FEED to execution phase,
    Namibia (Trekkopje) from detailed design to construction phase,
    Kazakhstan (Katco) for revamping works.
    As the I&C Package lead engineer and an I&C coordinator (14 person staff, 2 department managers), I was in charge of:
    - Task assignment, work load schedule, method training
    - Coordination with design teams, procurement task force, client and suppliers
    - Bids preparation, clarification and vendor follow-up
    - Engineering hours, equipment bill of quantities and cost estimation, contract preparation
    - Coordination with our spanish engineering sub-contractor TECHNIP IBERIA.
    - Negotiating suppliers claims and supervising process unit modifications.
    Project environment : JV structure, political implications, tough Uranium market, post Fukushima
    Personal achievement : building a cost oriented mindset to offer a client-requirements-only design.
  • Aujourd'hui
    Octobre 2008
    Janvier 2008

    I&C System Engineer


    In the frame of the detailed design phase for the George Bess I & II Uranium enrichment facility in Tricastin, and as a member of the I&C team, I wrote functional specifications and analysis for the control system design, defined battery limits of supply of equipment such as autoclaves and handling machines, participated to bid offer clarifications meetings with suppliers. I was also involved in and/or responsible for giving a technical support to the process, mechanical and safety team.
    This is the first major project (a multi-billion euros investment) which required coordination within our own team as well as all other fields of expertise such as process, layout, mechanical and procurement.
    It gave me the opportunity to take responsibility for the quality of the deliverable I handed to our suppliers and to understand the consequences of the lack or excess of specifications.
  • Aujourd'hui
    Janvier 2008
    Mars 2007

    Software Verification & Validation Engineer


    I took part in the development of ALSTOM's UEVOL automatic control system for their metro fleet.
    During a short period of time, I was in charge of framing the technical requirements from our clients specifications, in order to set functional objectives and write tests to simulate the rolling stock behavior. I then supervised such tasks and was responsible for analyzing the results, translating them into action plans that we reported to our client ALSTOM so they were able to update their software.
    These missions required thorough requirements management, either from a technical point of view as well as understanding the boundaries of our scope of work. Supervising a couple of V&V engineers and reporting to my own manager was my first opportunity to defend our team work and propose opportunities that could bring value to our client.
  • Aujourd'hui

    Environment Management System Intern

    +5000 employés

  • , Ivry Sur Seine

    génie électrique

    Gestion des Energies et des Ressources
    Uninterruptable Power Supply project based on car batteries and Buck/Boost reversible power converter

    Energy and Resources Management course (final report: Wind Power subsidies in the European union)

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Ses compétences

  • Négociation raisonnée
  • Analyse de la valeur
  • Analyse des besoins
  • Analyse fonctionnelle
  • Appels d'offres
  • Coordination de projets
  • Estimation
  • Gestion des litiges

Ses langues parlées

  • Français
    ****Langue maternelle
  • Anglais
  • Espagnol

    Ses centres d'intérêt

    Sports: baseball (5 French National Championship title) running ( 2009 Paris Semi-marathon) Photography DIY

    Sa présentation

    I have worked since 2008 for the nuclear power industry in AREVA, in uranium mining, refining, enrichment project and now supporting the company business growth by participating in tendering activities and performance enhancement think tanks

    What I do best : challenge requirements, people, methods, seek creative solutions.

    How: being curious, persistent and relying on positive interpersonal skills.

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    M. Attab
    Pierre-Alexandre Jamot
    Nabil Benbouha
    Edouard DUGUY
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