Manon Rethouze

Manon Rethouze

Consultant, Junior ESC Grenoble

En formation chez Exeter University, Grenoble Ecole De Management

Précédents : UPMF Grenoble, Lycée Du Parc


En poste chez Junior ESC Grenoble


    En résumé

    I’m a final year student in MSc International Management at University of Exeter, in double degree with a Master in Management in Grenoble Graduate School of Business. I’m interested in entrepreneurship and innovation, in particular in an international environment. During my studies, I have always chosen multidisciplinary programs to enrich as most as possible my knowledge. My aim was to acquire global skills that would enable me to get responsibilities in an international environment. I achieved a global work project with Stanford University students during my 2nd year in Grenoble. We worked on issues concerning the management of distributed teams and wrote a whitepaper about one of the aspect of the problem. This project was a huge opportunity for me to develop skills in project management within distributed teams and learn about technologies and best practices used in international management. On another hand, I have travelled a lot and thus developed some interest to foreign cultures. I chose to learn Chinese in high school out of curiosity. I consider that both business and cultural skills are unavoidable to run a company in the best possible way. During the last few years, I developed an interest for entrepreneurship, first as a Consultant in my “Junior Enterprise” and secondly during my internships. My everyday job in the Junior Entreprise was to make studies for customers such as market surveys, benchmark, business models and entrepreneur’s projects. In parallel to this experience, I assisted the partners of IT Translation Investment, investor and co-founder of digital technology start-ups. I helped them design guidance tools for CEO of start-ups and I took part of the reflection to build an entrepreneurship project. I reinforced my experience in project management in an innovative environment. I’m also passionate about rugby and as a rugby player I’m keen on addressing challenges within a team on interesting projets.


Exeter University, Exeter

Master of Science International Management, Business and Economics

De septembre 2015 à aujourd'hui

UPMF Grenoble, Grenoble

Licence, Licence Economie et Gestion

De septembre 2012 à juin 2013

Lycée Du Parc, Lyon

Classe préparatoire lettres et sciences sociales

De septembre 2010 à juin 2012


  • Business intelligence
  • Consultant
  • Gestion de projet
  • HTML
  • Internet
  • Marketing
  • Marketing stratégique
  • Musique
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  • Intelligence économique
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