Mathieu Couffinhal

Mathieu Couffinhal

Ingénieur Electronicien Radiofréquences/Hyperfréquences

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Précédents : CNES - Toulouse, NCTU National Chao Tung University, POLYREY UK Company


Précédents : ENSEEIHT (INPT)


Ingénieur Antennes - Intern

Chez CNES - Toulouse

De mars 2014 à septembre 2014
Configuration of Antennas’ networks for the generation of waves possessing different Orbital Angular Momentum (OAM) Paradigm shift in the field of radio-wave communications by means of a new and unexploited degree of freedom: OAM. Objective: transmit data on various channels at the same ...
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Microwave engineering

De septembre 2011 à septembre 2014
ENSEEIHT, Toulouse Projects: - Design of a LLA (Low Level Amplifier) - Design of a Duplexer in micro-strip technology - Conception of a frequency flexible payload - Study of a wireless communication between 2 Raspberry Pi implemented in a car’s engine to generate an automatic control – ...
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Electronics & Signal processing - Microwave engineering, specialized in electromagnetic modeling

De septembre 2011 à septembre 2014
* Microwave: - Antennas (Antennas’ Processing, Networks of Antennas, Advanced Electromagnetism) - Signal/Radar equipment - Communicating Networks - Passive/Active RF circuits - CEM - MMIC Design - MEMS - Plasmas - Optoelectronics - Modelling (PDE, High-performance Calculation, ...) - ...
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De septembre 2011 à septembre 2014
- Analog & Digital Electronics: Components, Circuits, Design of systems, Microprocessors, Embarked systems, Chain of instrumentation, Technologies & Functions of the electronics. Software: PSpice, Cadence, Labview, Simulink, VHDL, C, C++ - Representation & Analysis of the Signals: Determinist ...
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Ingénieur Recherche - Intern

Chez NCTU National Chao Tung University

De juillet 2013 à août 2013
Internship - NCTU National Chao Tung University - Hsinchu, TAïWAN Photonics Laboratory – Project manager: Dir. Han-ping Shieh - Conception of an optical multi-user 3D film based on directional sequential backlight system. The auto-stereoscopic display, including lenticular lens, parallax ...
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Conseiller Relation client - Intern

Chez POLYREY UK Company

De juillet 2012 à août 2012
Intern - POLYREY UK Company – Watford, London Tasks: - Introduction of a all-new range of products: provided administrative support - Assisted customers during transactions & promoted new services - Update/chase delegated tasks to ensure progress to deadlines and handle all kind of inquiries ...
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  • ADS
  • Analog and Digital elcectronics
  • Antennas
  • Antennas Processing
  • Antennas' networks
  • Computer science
  • CST
  • Electromagnetics
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