Melissa Serfaty

Melissa Serfaty

Co- Founder MyPassPro

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En formation chez Harvard Business School

Précédents : McGill University (Canada), French American International School, Lycée Janson De Sailly, Lycée Rambam


En poste chez MyPassPro, Canadian Junior Consulting Confederation

Précédents : Dare2Impact, Junior Enterprise Desautels, Royal Bank of Canada, Tianji.c, Condé Nast , Viadeo


    En résumé

    Born in France,I am an entrepreneur with a passion for technology and innovation. I graduated in 2015 from McGill University in Finance & Entrepreneurship after attending High School in San Francisco. I also enrolled the 2+2 MBA program at Harvard Business School.


Co-Founder and Head of Marketing

Chez MyPassPro

De mai 2016 à aujourd'hui
MyPassPro is your personal community manager for less than 200€/month. We create personalized content, post it on your social networks, send targeted campaigns to your network, measure your social performance and identify your hot leads!

Founding Partner

Chez Canadian Junior Consulting Confederation

De novembre 2014 à aujourd'hui
The CJCC aims to develop Junior Consulting throughout Canada by representing established entities and assisting in the creation of new junior consulting associations in universities across Canada.

Founding Partner

Chez Dare2Impact

De janvier 2015 à octobre 2016
Dare2Impact acts for positive change by supporting the social enterprise movement. Our Mission: “Enhance social entrepreneurship efficiency and sustainability" We aim to; 1. Render social impact measurement (SIM) tools accessible for entrepreneurs 2. Define a SIM methodology for ...
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McGill University (Canada), Montréal

Finance Major; Entrepreneurship Concentration, McGill University (Canada)

De septembre 2011 à mai 2015

Founding Co-President

Chez Junior Enterprise Desautels

De octobre 2012 à janvier 2015
JED is Desautels’ student-run consulting firm. It is the first Junior Enterprise in North America. • Drafted the business plan, organized the internal structure and controlled annual budgets • Implemented the branding strategy by organizing promotional events, information sessions and building ...
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Summer Analyst

Chez Royal Bank of Canada

De mai 2014 à août 2014
• Drafted the confidentiality information memorandum (CIM) for a Montreal retail asset and valued it using cap rates • Developed a pitch for the sale of a Montreal retail asset which lead to RBC being hired to represent the client • Participated in building the CIM for a REIT office portfolio, ...
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Business Intelligence Intern

Chez Tianji.c

De mai 2013 à juillet 2013
• Assisted the V.P Business Intelligence in re-modeling the Tianji database to create a proficient algorithm that allows an accurate recommendation of members which led to a 15% increase of new contact connections the following month • Gathered member information using MySQL in order to improve ...
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Chez Condé Nast

De mai 2012 à juillet 2012

Lycée Rambam, Boulogne Billancourt

Lycée Rambam

De 2002 à juillet 2008
doing an internship in London


  • Microsoft Excel
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