Mim Armand

Mim Armand

Animation Director & Producer, Taha advertising company

En poste chez 3rd kind of design (ali kurehchian) ??? ??? ???, Taha advertising company, Payab IT

Précédents : 3 !d!ots


Précédents : Université Toulouse 2 Le Mirail, University Of Toulouse II – Le Mirail, University Of Rudehen, University Of Tehran



Multimedia program developer/ producer, 3d designer,

Chez Payab IT


Animation Director & Producer

Chez Taha advertising company


Architectural 3D visualization team supervisor

Chez 3rd kind of design (ali kurehchian) ??? ??? ???

Ali is a young and very talented architecture, really creative and open minded to new ideas, someone you really miss the times who worked with him! I know him in hard times in really stressful projects which we had to work all nights and days for like a week to reach the deadlines, he was really ...
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Chez 3 !d!ots

c'est une petite art group qui derige par moi! c'est ca! :D