Natacha Turck

Natacha Turck

Senior scientist, clinical project manager, Biomarker specialist

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Précédents : Université Strasbourg 1 Louis Pasteur


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    Dr. Natacha Turck began her scientific career (INSERM U.682, Strasbourg, France) by studying fundamental sciences in the oncology field. She acquired skills in biochemistry, proteomics, cellular/ molecular biology and obtained in 2004, a PhD degree in Life Sciences. She moved to Switzerland in 2005 in order to join the Faculty of Medicine in Geneva, as post-doctoral researcher. In this new context, she learnt translational research specifically applied to brain damage diseases. Her objectives were to discover and validate proteins as new biomarkers for helping decision on diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, etc…in the context of stroke. Now, she has a senior position in the Faculty of Medicine in Geneva and works as senior translational Researcher, always in the brain damage context but extended to other diseases such as SAH, traumatic brain injury (TBI), multiple sclerosis (MS/SEP), Sleeping sickness, Parkinson…. More recently, she has decided to develop a new research axis on lacrimal fluid as source of biomarkers (group leader of the OPTICS group). During all her career, she interacts daily with multi-disciplinary people (chemists, bio-IT specialists, statisticians, physicians,…) and manage up to 12 persons (from trainees to senior scientists). She has a substantial experience in cerebrovascular diseases, biomarkers (discovery, validation process, IVD) and clinical fields (clinical studies, intend-of-use ,statistics). Beside sciences, she has also institutional and teaching responsibilities in the Faculty of Medicine but also internationally. -Tears as source of biomarkers for ocular and systemic diseases. -Technical skills: biochemistry, proteomics, cellular / molecular biology. -biomarkers strategies : from discovery to clinics. Include statistics. -Clinical field: Stroke, SAH, traumatic brain injury (TBI), multiple sclerosis (MS/SEP), Sleeping sickness, Parkinson, Ocular diseases -Teaching, institutional and international responsabilities


Senior scientist, translational project manager, biomarker specialist

Chez Université De Genève

De juin 2015 à aujourd'hui
Since 2015, I work as independent group leader on the exploration of human tears as a promising new source for discovering biomarkers for ocular but also systemic diseases. In this context, I develop and manage several translational projects from the discovery phase using proteomics strategies up to ...
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Senior scientist, Biomarker specialist

Chez Université De Genève

De juin 2005 à juin 2015
During one decade, I worked as senior project manager on translation projects dedicated to brain diseases (Stroke, SAH, TBI, multiple sclerosis, sleeping sickness...) (Post-doctorate and Maitre- Assistante position in Geneva University, Switzerland) . Whatever the project, my final goals were to ...
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Université Strasbourg 1 Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg

Doctorat de Biologie Moléculaire et cellulaire

De 2000 à 2004
Unité Inserm U.381 "Développement et physiopathologie de l'intestin et du pancréas" (Dir. M. Kedinger) 3 avenue Molière 67200 Strasbourg


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