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Précédents : Klanik, Amadeus, Feeltune, Morphee interactive, Oberthur Card Systems, Morphee Interactive


Précédents : Scrum.Org, Free Code Camp, Université Grenoble 1 Joseph Fourier



Software Architect

Chez Klanik

De août 2015 à aujourd'hui
In a distributed team of 10 in charge of the global Schlumberger software governance, I designed and implemented several web based solutions: An application implementing a workflow helping support engineers to submit bugs to development teams using the Microsoft platform VSTS. A knowledge management ...
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Scrum.Org, Montpellier

Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I), Scrum.org

janvier 2017

Free Code Camp, Montpellier

Data Visualization, Free Code Camp

avril 2016

Free Code Camp, Montpellier

Front-end development program, Free Code Camp

mars 2016

Full Stack Web Developer

Chez Klanik

De novembre 2012 à juillet 2015
In a team of 3 developers in charge of transforming the development environment for the product Techlog, I designed and implemented several web based solutions: Real-time and generic charting system with ability to visualize data from TRAC ticketing system, aiming at providing reports and dashboards ...
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Front-End Web Developer

Chez Amadeus

De juin 2010 à novembre 2012
In a team of 10 developers, I designed and implemented many front-end functionalities in several functional modules (Passengers, Services, Payments…) deployed in several web based solutions (ARD, SELL…). Point-of-contact for Bangalore’s UI teams which were owning some specific panels within these ...
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Software Developer

Chez Feeltune

De mai 2009 à juin 2009

Software Developer

Chez Morphee interactive

De juin 2008 à mai 2009
Design and implementation of an online multi-player card game server. Supervision of the trainee in charge of the game’s website development.

Software Developer

Chez Oberthur Card Systems

De janvier 2008 à juin 2008
Design and implementation of a border-control prototype, allowing to fetch and visualize biometrical passports data

Software Developer

Chez Morphee Interactive

De mars 2007 à septembre 2007


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