Paul Rötig

Paul Rötig

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Précédents : Agap2, SNC Lavalin, ISOBAR


Précédents : Ecole Polytechnique De Montréal, Staffordshire University, Ecole Centrale Electronique (ECE) Paris


Business Engineer

Chez Agap2

De September 2008 à September 2010
My work : - to find clients and needs - to hire engineer - to manage our projects and team Some results : - new contracts engaged with known companies (GDF Suez, Iberdrola, ENI, and more) - manage a team of 15 engineers

Business Analyst

Chez SNC Lavalin

De January 2008 à August 2008
Analysis of different situations, english and french documentation, study of the special need relative of a Customer Relationship Management ("CRM") system, a resource following system, web-training portal for the whole group. All project I've worked on, was concerning intern matters.

Computer programmer

Chez SNC Lavalin

De April 2007 à August 2007
Computer programmer at SNC-Lavalin working for the Global Procurement Division. I contributed to the development of tools to address requirements surrounding electronic bidding. Moreover, I worked on the development a freight calculator that could be used by projects to facilitate the choice of a ...
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Assistant chief budget purchase


De June 2006 à September 2006
Budget management of marketing and advertising campaign for important clients (Panasonic, AOL, Maxtor...).

Staffordshire University, Stoke On Trent

Staffordshire University

De August 2005 à December 2005
Master of Science (MSc), Mathematics, Physics, Business

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