Pauline Peuziat

Pauline Peuziat

R&D Engineer in Biotechnology, looking for a new challenge

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Précédents : NG Biotech, Microbs, ImPACcell - Biosit, Inserm U1087, UCB, Polymaris Biotechnology


Précédents : ENSTBB (Ecole Nationale Supérieure De Technologie Des Biomolécules De Bordeaux), ENSTBB (Ecole Nationale Supérieure Des Technologies Des Biomolécules De Bordeaux


    En résumé

    Biotechnology engineer, 5 years of experience, actively seeking a position in Rennes area. Highly motivated, keen on learning new technologies, and open minded.


R&D Engineer in Biotechnology

Chez NG Biotech

De août 2017 à octobre 2018
(Fixed-term contract : 14 months) Development and optimization of lateral flow immunochromatographic tests for medial, veterinary and food. - Feasibility studies : Selection of raw materials and the design of the test, Use of different detection techniques (colloidal gold, cellulose beads, latex ...
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R&D Engineer in microbiology

Chez Microbs

De mai 2016 à mai 2017
(Fixed-term contract : 12 months) Development of an innovative and ultra-rapid technology for the microbiological quality assessment in food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. In charge of the development of one technological part for the technology design. Achievement of the feasibility study and ...
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R&D Engineer

Chez ImPACcell - Biosit

De septembre 2015 à mai 2016
(Fixed-term contract : 8 months) ImPACcell offers cellular content analysis services (HCS / HCA) to detect, analyze and quantify biological events and biomarkers such as proliferation and motility, cytoskeleton organization,cell cycle and apoptosis in various cell types and in small organizations. ...
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Research Engineer

Chez Inserm U1087

De septembre 2013 à septembre 2015
(Fixed-term contract : 24 months) Project : Development and characterization of cationic liposomes, as non-viral vectors, for intracellular delivery of biological macromolecules (DNA, siRNA, mRNA, peptides, proteins) - Optimization of cationic liposomes for in vitro cell transfection : cell ...
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Intern in cell culture process development

Chez UCB

De juillet 2012 à février 2013
Cell culture process development Project : Development and optimization of a fed-batch production process for monoclonal antibody by CHO Cells and cell line stability study. -Process development for monoclonal antibody production by mammalian cells (CHO cells) using 2L and 10L stirred tank ...
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Intern in microbiology

Chez Polymaris Biotechnology

De juin 2011 à août 2011
Project : Isolation and characterization of marine bacterial strains for exopolysaccharide production. -Biological samplings -Isolation of marine bacterial strains by spreadings and enrichment methods -Characterization of strains producing exopolysaccharides (Gram staining, sporulation ...
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  • Biotechnologies
  • Culture cellulaire
  • Immunologie
  • Microbiologie
  • Optimisation des process

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