Pierre Le Corf

Pierre Le Corf

Founder, WE ARE SUPERHEROES http://wearesuperheroes.fr

Rising voices from human lives for influencing others all over the world


Précédents : CIVILISEED, FC groupe, QUBE, Consortium, EVNT, Conseil régional de Bretagne, Ma première "entreprise"


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    Je vous invite à lire, depuis Alep, la lettre Ouverte à François Hollande, Président de la République Française.. https://www.facebook.com/notes/pierre-le-corf/depuis-alep-lettre-ouverte-à-françois-hollande-président-de-la-république-frança/10154838378148828 Je suis principalement sur LINKEDIN. http://www.linkedin.com/in/pierrelecorf Merci de me contacter sur lecorfpierre@gmail.com ou http://wearesuperheroes.fr





De septembre 2014 à aujourd'hui
WE ARE SUPERHEROES est une organisation qui accompagne les communautés marginalisées à travers le monde via des programmes sociaux, éducatifs et psychologiques pour renforcer leur autonomie. Bidonvilles, quarantaines, zones de conflit, les missions s’adaptent aux besoins et sont souvent orientées ...
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De juin 2014 à aujourd'hui
Last film https://itunes.apple.com/fr/movie/incompatibles/id1011598349 A cinema boot camp. We try to trigger new behaviors, implements new ways of working in the field of cinema, and invest in tomorrow’s creations

Co Founder


De janvier 2014 à aujourd'hui
From the blockbusters to the small independent movies, all the tastes are covered. Not to be consumed responsibly. Pulp Movies was elected Blog of the month by Studio Cine Live. We are currently developing and modifying it to give you access to a complete media, and we are working hard on it! (more ...
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Co Founder


De 2012 à octobre 2014
The Kickstarter before the Kickstarter. A Web platform enabling entrepreneurs, whatever their situation was, to create their own online incubator and to centralise informations, choose the tools they needed to conquer the world with only a web page. The project worked with few networks but failed ...
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Co Founder


De 2009 à août 2010
Click to edit position descriptionAfter 2 years building events in 12 night clubs, I decided to create my own club but a place which will make a difference. A cosmopolite and customer-friendly location, great challenge, proud success. We fought the pressure of the competition and went all the way to ...
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Co Founder

Chez Consortium

De 2008 à juillet 2010
Click to edit position descriptionSpin D. Implement communication strategies and insure their diffusion & impact to the various actors affected by it. Last project: SEAORBITER (50 M€ / NASA mp). Building of a bionic vessel, a floating laboratory to study new energy sources, transmission, etc. My ...
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Directeur de la communication

Chez FC groupe

De 2009 à 2010
Mainly focused on restoration, and nightclubs and bars; FC Group was composed of three establishments of high standing in Lyon and one in Courchevel. It was a real challenge for me since I had to manage people who had been working there for years already whereas I was a new manager.

Co Founder


De 2007 à 2009
Click to edit position descriptionI initiated and / or took part in almost 20 events and concepts (events gathering from hundreds to thousands of people) in partnership with shops or night clubs.

Junior Regional Council Advisor

Chez Conseil régional de Bretagne

De 2004 à 2006
I was elected for a 2-years mandate at the Regional Council of Bretagne, and I participated to the research and implementation of sustainable solutions to facilitate the access to knowledge, together with the centre of sociologic studies and research (CERS) and the economical and social centre ...
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Early entrepreneur

Chez Ma première "entreprise"

De 2001 à 2003
I come from a modest family, my parents were oyster growers and I started working with them when I was just 12 years old, I worked really hard all my life and I continue. At this age I decided to create my first « company », so I had a meeting with the mayor of the small town where they were ...
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