Sara Sebban

Sara Sebban

Business Partner / Recruiter, AIZEN CONSULTING

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    As a global entrepreneur, I see the world like a village and I like to facilitate business by using unique digital strategy to connect brains and energies. With my business partners, no matter where you do business the most important to us is how do we build the relationships,how do we see the people we meet and how do they see us to create synergies. I am co-developing Aizen Consulting providing business intelligence solutions and helping companies recruiting collaborators to accelerate their growth. AIZEN CONSULTING is represented in Canada - Turkey - Morocco - US "Our imagination is the only limit to what we can hope to have in the future."


Business Partner / Recruiter


De mars 2016 à aujourd'hui
Aizen Consulting recruitment and business development agency, aims to encourage audacity and creativity by generating a positive ecosystem for the fruition of your ideas.

Fashion Globe-Preneur

Chez Comptoir du Cachemire

De 2014 à aujourd'hui
Co-Founder and Marketing Director - Developing partnerships across the world (Italy - Canada - Turkey - Morocco - US) - Managing relationships with designers and brands. Brands and designers represented : 8090 Apparel, Shelley Klassen, Emerson Apparel, GChiussi, La Fabrique, Indigo Paper, ...
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De septembre 2009 à janvier 2015
Launch on the market of Survival Kit for Young Ladies called Easy Night. It was a crazy idea and I did it for the fun !


  • Animation de formations
  • Community management
  • Entrepreneuriat
  • Gestion de projet
  • Marketing
  • SEO

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  • business development
  • business intelligence
  • collective intelligence
  • fashion industry
  • marketing digital
  • training