Simon Lebrun

Simon Lebrun

Google Project Manager, gPartner

En poste chez Amadeus

Précédents : Tampere University of Technology, Schlumberger, YMCA


Précédents : Institut National Des Sciences Appliquées


    En résumé

    I am currently managing Google Apps deployments projects for the company gPartner.



Software engineer

Chez Amadeus

De 2009 à aujourd'hui
Conceived and Developed new functionalities for booking engine payments. Environment: C++ business oriented, Python on Linux Distributed Platform.

Software enginering intern

Chez Tampere University of Technology

De 2008 à 2009
For my final internship,I did a research study about the Phillips auto-stereoscopic 3D Display and the migration of this technology on mobile phone. More precisely my work was focusing on the streaming aspects from the 2D-plus-depth or 3D content until the display.

Software engineering intern

Chez Schlumberger

I had a second internship for Schlumberger. I implemented web services with C# client and C++ server to remote an oilfield simulator.

Software Engineering intern

Chez Schlumberger

My first computer science internship was working for Schlumberger. I implemented graphical interfaces and displaying plots in C# for an oilfield simulation software.

Children counselor


This was my first experience abroad, I was responsible for approximately 20 children in an YMCA camp next to Chester in Connecticut, USA. More than just an english improvement, this summer job taught me a lot of things regarding responsabilities and realtional skills.


  • Assurance
  • Business
  • Design
  • JAVA
  • Languages
  • Linux
  • Mac
  • Mac OS
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Centres d'intérêt

  • Boy Scout for 7 years in the Toulon “Bon Accueil” Division.
  • Children Counselor: YMCA
  • Conn
  • Extra tutoring for a deaf student
  • Insa de Lyon.
  • Radio presenter
  • Red Cross Volunteer.
  • technician and Disc Jokey for the University Radio: GATSUN.