Stéphanie Sotin

Stéphanie Sotin

Gestion de projets, CIRSO

En poste chez CIRSO

Précédents : GFI Informatique, GFI informatique, Freescale Semiconductor, Toulouse, France, Thales, Meudon, France, Motorola, Toulouse, France., NEC Technologies, La Défense, France, EADS Telecom, Saint-Quentin en Yvelines, France, ALCATEL, Velizy, France, MOTOROLA, Basingstoke, UK


Précédents : University Of Sheffield, Université Le Mans


Chef de projet


De octobre 2015 à aujourd'hui
Gamme Recouvrement Amiable et Forcé

Project Leader

Chez GFI Informatique

De mars 2013 à septembre 2015
Mobility Center (iOS, Android, Windows 8 devices), projects under Agile. - Bibliothèque Nationale François Mitterrand. Application Gallica, Android. - BNP Paribas, Applications Mobiles. - Airbus, Flight Ops Library Browser V3.0, iOS. - iBP, mise en place Mobile Factory (Integration Continue).

Proxy Product Owner on Airbus Perfo iPad

Chez GFI Informatique

De janvier 2012 à mars 2013
Proxy Product Owner on Airbus Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) for Performances applications (Perfo, InFlight) on iPad device . GFI Informatique (as Contractor), Toulouse, since Jan 2012. Product backlog, sprint planning, functional lead, product HMI definition workshops. Agile SW development.

Post sales technical support , Release Engineer

Chez Freescale Semiconductor, Toulouse, France

De 2008 à 2009
Working on Symbian OS cellular platform using S60: • Integration activities for customer specific SW versions in a « Daily build and smoke testing » environment. • SW build environment customization and maintenance for several HW versions. • Weekly software delivery and release packaging ...
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SW Engineer

Chez Thales, Meudon, France

AFDX switch controller programming based on the DO178B software considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification, DAL A. • Writing of SRS, SDD documentations. • Programming/testing of the Safety Tests (C language).

Pre and Post sales technical support

Chez Freescale Semiconductor, Toulouse, France

De 2005 à 2007
Working within the EMEA customer support team, in charge of Modem SW support (L1 to L4 layers) on 3G Linux and Symbian cellular platforms. • Answer, track and manage technical questions from customers • Understand and facilitate request for product customizations. • Delivery of software release ...
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Technology roadmaping

Chez Motorola, Toulouse, France.

De 2004 à 2005
Within a small team of 3 people, establishing the modem stack features roadmap for GPRS/EDGE products. • Identify the major modem stack features needed in GPRS and EDGE products and their timeline based on meetings with mobile phone network operators, mobile infrastructure vendors, mobile phone ...
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Technical leader

Chez NEC Technologies, La Défense, France

De 2002 à 2004
Technical leader on a dual mode user plane stack (layers L2/L3) implying: • Design and conception, SW development supervision (3 engineers). • Reporting of the investigation on user plane issues for multi-sites integration and validation teams. • Customer support on-site (Japon)

SW Engineer

Chez EADS Telecom, Saint-Quentin en Yvelines, France

SW development on PMR network infrastructure (TETRAPOL): SW porting.

SW Engineer

Chez ALCATEL, Velizy, France

De 2000 à 2001
SW development on the Mobile Switch Centre within the GSM/UMTS mobile infrastructure. • SW programming, unit and integration testing on feature “UMTS to GSM Handovers, signalling plane” (Protocols RANAP, BSSMAP, SS7).

Feature leader

Chez MOTOROLA, Basingstoke, UK

De 1997 à 2000
Feature leader on PMR network infrastructure (TETRA), working on the base station controller. • Feature leader on « End-to-end individual call » feature: conception, planning, monitoring and reporting (4 engineers). • Writing of system architecture document on SNMP agent implementation inside ...
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