Christina BORK

Christina BORK

CEO Telelangue

Ivry-sur-Seine, France

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Son parcours

  • Aujourd'hui
    2010 has got off to a flying start with Telelangue/World Speaking winning several global tenders. Today, Telelangue delivers language training to 80% of the CAC40 companies and will continue to break new ground in order to remain the preferred B2B language training company.
  • Aujourd'hui

    CyberTeachers® Live + the Hermes prize for innovation

    The elearning tool CyberTeachers® goes live. At any point in time learners can have live tuition on their screen. In the same year, CyberTeachers® Live is awarded the Hermès d'Or prize for innovation from CNAM, a distinction that rewards many years of technological innovation.
  • Aujourd'hui

    CyberTeachers® 5.0, the third generation of e-learning + subsidiary company in Spain

    CyberTeachers® continues its development in order to make learning more entertaining, quicker, and interactive. This same year, Telelangue opens its subsidiary in Madrid, Spain (under the World Speaking entity).
  • Aujourd'hui

    Opening of two subsidiary companies: Germany and Italy

    Telelangue expands its European operations via its World Speaking subsidiary into Germany and Italy.
  • Aujourd'hui

    Group telephone classes

    Group telephone classes are now available to learners.
  • Aujourd'hui

    Personalized catalogue with 218 different job profiles

    The course material is personalised. In addition, irrespective of the business field, the student is able to learn English related to their professional sector. This is an advantage which is highly valued by many students who need to learn a language within their work related activities.
  • Aujourd'hui

    Online linguistic audit and Visio training

    Trainees can now evaluate their language level online via the online language assessment tool. This is essential for creating a tailor made programme for each trainee. The same year, trainees are also introduced to visio-training ?
  • Aujourd'hui

    Online reservation platform

    Trainees no longer need to call to book classes. The learner can easily choose the date and time of their next class via the internet using Net Planning.
  • Aujourd'hui

    CyberTeachers®, 2nd generation e-learning

    The online platform evolves. Here's version 2 !
  • Aujourd'hui

    1st generation e-learning

    1998 : It’s time to innovate again. As the French are getting used to the internet, Telelangue offers its clients training through this new communication medium.
  • Aujourd'hui

    Integrated management platform

    In 1995, Telelangue launches its integrated management platform.
  • Aujourd'hui
    1st videodisk language classes.
  • Aujourd'hui

    Computer-aided teaching

    ICT is the future ! Understanding this, Telelangue launches an English course on Minitel.
  • Aujourd'hui

    Launch of telephone classes

    Telelangue / World Speaking

    1981: Telelangue is the first company to offer telephone classes. There are a number of advantages:

    . No need to commute
    . Better use of time
    . Learning adapts to the needs of globalisation
    . Lower course prices
    . Faster progress by taking into account the learner’s maximum concentration level and giving emphasis on speaking and individual classes

    This language learning method continues to attract many learners today (and other organisations have tried to replicate this method globally)!

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Ses compétences

  • Beginner
  • Spanish
  • NTIC
  • Management
  • Langues
  • Innovation
  • German
  • French
  • Formation langues
  • Formation
  • English
  • Education
  • CEO
  • Business
  • Training

Ses langues parlées

  • Allemand
    ****Langue maternelle
  • Anglais
  • Français
  • Espagnol

    Ses centres d'intérêt

    formation education e-learning

    Sa présentation

    Diplômée d’un double master en sciences humaines et linguistique, je suis membre de l’organisation rassemblant des femmes dirigeantes du monde entier.

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