Thierry SEGUIN

Thierry SEGUIN


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En poste chez FAMAR

Précédents : FCI, FCI Automotive, FCI Automotive France, VALEO Signalisation, VALEO Thermique Habitacle


Précédents : Ecole Nationale Supérieure Des Techniques Industrielles Et Des Mines


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De mars 2011 à aujourd'hui
Management of global and transversal projects in order to standardize and optimize supply chain processes.Using MRP2 Class A as a reference. Implementation of a planning and Scheduling tool (OMP) through the 12 sites of the group Core Model definition and implementation for the routings and BOM ...
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Lean Supply Chain Corporate Manager

Chez FCI

De 2009 à mars 2011
Support 30 FCI sites in the lean implementation World Wide Pull flow system, milk run, Truck preparation Area, Implement visual management tools in all sector... Interface with the IT team to adapt in parallel the ERP Report to the FCI Lean manager in direct link with the CEO

Supply Chain Project manager - Automotive Division

Chez FCI Automotive

De 2007 à 2009
Bring support and skills to the 13 Manufacturing sites to reach CLASS A Standard Implement the skills and methods in the new plants in Honduras, India and China Develop the Information System (ERP and other system) Drive the implementation of MPS process in each plant of the whole automotive ...
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Information System and Method Supply Chain Manager

Chez FCI Automotive France

De 2002 à 2007
Manage a team of 2 engineers and consultants Optimization of Supply Chain processes: implementation of bare code system, pull flow, consignment stock with supplier and customers… Drive the Implement MRP2 Class A in the site following Oliver Wight Recommendation Deployment of the ERP (MFGpro) ...
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Supply Chain logistic manager

Chez FCI Automotive France

De janvier 1999 à 2002
Manage a logistic team of 50 employees (Customer Service – Shipping –Purchasing - Scheduling – Warehousing)

Autonomous Production Unit Manager

Chez VALEO Signalisation

De 1996 à décembre 1998
Manage an assembly unit of 100 employees (3 shifts) Manage Method – Logistic – Quality teams belonging to this production unit

Supervisor night shift molding unit and Method Production Project leader

Chez VALEO Thermique Habitacle

De 1993 à 1996
Manage a team of 30 employees and a unit of 40 presses (night shift) Implement SMED – TPM – 5S methodology Manage a transfer of 2 molding activities (20 presses)


  • Amélioration continue
  • Approvisionnement
  • Gestion de projet
  • Lean supply chain
  • Logistique
  • Planification

Centres d'intérêt

  • Rallye voitures anciennes
  • Restauration de véhicules de collection