Tiphaine Garcia

Tiphaine Garcia

Coordinatrice des Relations Internationales

Précédents : Institut Des Relations Internationales Et Stratégiques (IRIS), University Of Paris Ouest


Précédents : Shanti Travel, Knowledge Must, Association AFEV


South and North India Expert

Chez Shanti Travel

De octobre 2014 à avril 2015
South and North India expert, Shanti Travel, New Delhi Description: customer relationship, representation of the company in various events to promote the products offered, quotations, handling B2B and B2C, files, monitoring of a client portfolio, phone sales, organization of the tours, welcoming ...
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Institut Des Relations Internationales Et Stratégiques (IRIS), Paris

Master, Institut des Relations Internationales et Stratégiques (IRIS)

De octobre 2012 à octobre 2014
Research paper: The challenges of the education sector in India and its role of India's development on the international stage. Courses: International economics, strategic thinking, geopolitical crises and conflicts zones, environmental challenges, economic intelligence, international relations ...
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Senior French teacher

Chez Knowledge Must

De juillet 2013 à juillet 2014
Description: teaching French to students from different nationalities, one-toone classes et group classes in companies (IFC, students from Inabensa).

Project officer

Chez Association AFEV

De septembre 2012 à juin 2013
Task oficer, civic service, AFEV (AssociaNon of the student's foundation for the city) Description: volunteers recruitment, project conducted in partnership with local institutions, organization of ciné-debates for youngsters with social and/or learning issues. Organization and promotion of ...
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