En poste chez Fretbay

Précédents : SUPINFO - International University, Nelmi Informatique, SMECO, Centre-Net, Clarilog


Précédents : Ecole Supérieure D'Informatique De Paris (ESI - SUPINFO), Lycée Benjamin Franklin


    En résumé

    I have a Computer Science Engineering Degree from Supinfo International University Paris, France. Following my graduation and along with my entrepreneurship experience at FretBay, I used to be a certified trainer (lecturer) at Supinfo International University (France). I taught bachelors and masters' students management skills and JAVA technology. During my tenure, I conceived, designed and developed all the website's architectural structure on my own from scratch, including ergonomic design. My strong knowledge of technical IT environment and my ability to anticipate upcoming trends in new technologies made FretBay the leading transport marketplace in France. Previously to my FretBay experience, I successfully achieved targets in challenging projects like for SigrenEa as Project Manager on a different business environment, namely a technology developed for optimization of recycling bin containers. This company later raised one million euros funding from Suez Environment based on the developed technology. I established an upgrade-able source code structure, design and ergonomy that helped SigrenEa raising up to one million euros of funding from Suez Environment (listed company, Paris Stock Exchange). I am proficient in English, French and Hindi and have a demonstrated solid track-record proving my strong skills in leading complex technical projects and managing multicultural teams in challenging environments, to achieve my goals and delivering in a timely manner.


Chief Technical Officer

Chez Fretbay

De 2007 à aujourd'hui
Le transport à votre façon! La plateforme a pour vocation de faciliter l'accès à des services de livraison en mettant en relation les particuliers avec les sociétés de transport afin de conclure une prestation de livraison en toute confiance, de manière sécurisée et au meilleur ...
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Professor JAVA - SCT

Chez SUPINFO - International University

De 2008 à 2009
SCT (Supinfo Certified Trainer) of SUN Technologies. Give lectures to Bachelors 2 to Masters 1 students. In charge of all courses of JAVA in SUPINFO. My goals for 2009 - 2010 are to make the courses in a way that the students of Bachelor 2 could pass the SCJP (Sun Certified Java Programmer) ...
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Manager & InCharge of Sales Development


In charge of 9 employees, brief and debrief sequences during marketing and sales campaign. Presentations to promote SMECO's products was a daily basis work. All goals were reached.

Analyst programer

Chez Nelmi Informatique

Developped a PDA application for a wine company. The application was developped in 3 months. Did the analysis, developement and GUI of the application.


Chez Centre-Net

Graphic designer and webmaster. Worked on various projects. Developped a CMS for the management of all their clients and domain names.

Graphic designer

Chez Clarilog

Re designed all their website and implemented it on the web.


Chez Clarilog

Designed the user manual of Clarilog software.


  • CCNA