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    YANN FERON PHOTOGRAPHY YANN FERON, born April 24th 1975, French citizen. Photographer Yann FERON started his career as a photographer at the age of 17. A true citizen of the world, he was raised in France and traveled to more than 38 countries. As a Photojournalist, he displays an undeniable talent to capture the true essence of a place, from the purity of its lighting to the richness of its culture, creating powerful pictures, filled with emotions and sincerity. As a Fashion Photographer, with his unmistakable colorful style, he quickly became the favorite of many model agencies, artists and magazines, shooting memorable covers and editorials. For almost a decade, Yann has been instrumental in launching the career of designers, musicians, models and actors. Press 101 ENGAGEMENT magazine APOLO magazine CONNERY.DK DEADSEXY magazine DIMENSION magazine ELITE TRAVELER magazine FRANCE AMERIQUE magazine FRANCE GUIDE magazine GENTE LATINA magazine GS MAGAZINE IMPACT CHICAGO magazine ICONOGRAPHY magazine LOOK JAPAN magazine LUCIRE magazine MOBCANDY magazine MUP magazine MUSIC AND FASHION magazine PLAYBOY.FR SUPERMODELS UNLIMITED magazine STYLEOLOGY magazine THE ULTIMATE MAGAZINE UCE magazine UNVOGUE magazine US FHM magazine UZURI magazine VBLAZIN magazine W25mag.com magazine WEDDING DRESSES magazine ZINK CLIENTS AUCOIN ENTERTAINEMENT LEVEL ELEVEN LILY JOAILLERIE MAISON DE LA FRANCE MICHELLE VALE DESIGNS RECALL RECORDS L GALLERY STUDIO SONY MUSIC THE HOURS RIDDEM DRIVEN DESIGNS MODEL AGENCIES 301, BASIC, ALL ABOUT HYPE, CODE, ELITE, MAJOR, ID, APM, IMG, IPM, IKON, NEW YORK MODELS, CHOICE, MC2, LEVEL1, SILVER, RACE, RENEGADE, TRUMP, WILHELMINA, MEGA, NEXT, MADEMOISELLE, KARIN, CRYSTAL,... see ONE EYE ONE WORLD my non for profit organization I am developping.




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