Founder CEO, UUU

Luxury, Lifestyle and Concierge Service

    En résumé

    UUU is an international company specialising in providing luxury and high end concierge services to VIPs everywhere and companies worldwide. A branch of the ULTIMATE LUXURY GROUP, UUU was created in 2003, with the aim of providing luxury concierge and networking services. The company, founded in Paris, was the first in France to offer individual and corporate concierge services. Its undeniable leadership in the sector comes from a wealth of experience relating to the refined elegance of the famous French ‘art de vivre’, coupled with amazing reactivity and total availability. With these essential precepts as our guide, UUU continually strives for excellence of service worldwide… At UUU we have special, carefully nurtured relationship with our private and corporate international client-base. We can therefore accompany clients all over the world: by getting to know them better in this way, we become even more adept at anticipating their needs. A major player in a sector where zero-tolerance is the rule when it comes to results and getting things right, UUU has built up an unrivalled worldwide network of international consultants, partners and suppliers. Thus we can invite our clients into a world where there are no limits to the service provided and where exceptional quality goes hand-in-hand with personalised, made-to-measure service.



  • Conciergerie
  • Gestion de la relation client
  • Luxe
  • Marketing