69 anciens élèves

University Of Oxford, Oxford : 2009 : 69 anciens élèves

Cazzola Mattia
A consultant Manager , https://www.petrofac.com/en-gb/home/
Davis Harry
Investor/self employed, Capital Chase Trades
Fergus O'Brien
Head of Delivery Services, Navstar Consulting
Recruitment Consultant, Approach People Recruitment
Chasseur de Tetes, Expedia, Inc.
Parul Sharma
Adviser - Research Desk & Talent Acquisition, FYSS - A consortium of Human Resource Architects & Organizational Psycholo
Bachelors Degree
Specialization: Experimental Psychology
Victoria Petitjean
Treasurer & Board Member, SOS, homophobie
Master of Philosophy
Thesis: Historical analysis of Traditional French Foreign Policy and Contemporary Impacts in International Affairs. Research Assistant to Dr Kalypso Nicolaïdis. College Liaison Officer for the St Antony's International Review (international affairs' academic review). 2.1 Degree Honors.
Pierre Colignon
Directeur Business Unit / Expérience Internationale / Chimie Petrole
Cédric Dezir
Coach commercial, L'Oréal
diplôme de certification anglais
QCA Oxford Examination, diplôme de certification national anglais, Oxford Angleterre ;
Catherin Alberta
Country Head, Via Embratel
styliste, GUESS
Виталий Руденко
Кидала, Развод
Nader Haddad
Analyste Fonctionnel MOA, Oxford
Alicia Rollings
Secretary, Zegrogems Gold Mine
Jdud Jacque
chef, I-Donis
Patron, Restaurant
Ales Alessandro
Chef, orange
William Weber
Pompiste, Delta pompage
Chauffeur livreur, torri
Helen Williams
Senior Account Manager, Educate
Research Associate, University College London
Principal Consultant, Westbourne Consultants (Europe) Limited
Régis Saliba
Ingénieur Docteur R&D Chimie et Chimie Biologique
Doctor of Philosophy
Chimie organique Superviseur: Prof. Benjamin G. Davis Titre de thèse: "Design and synthesis of nanoparticles functionalised with Lewis oligosaccharides for selective targeting of DC-SIGN" (Viva/soutenance le 14/05/2014)
Garance Auboyneau
Ventes internationales, Pathé
AboutNepal Treks
Trekking Manager , About Nepal treks and expedition plt
Matt Harper
Account Planner, The Marketing Practice
Degree in History and Modern Languages (French)
Natalie Hung
Student, King's College London
Ludivine Périlliat-Godbille
Écrivain public, Pixiplume