Alan Rigoussen

Alan Rigoussen

PhD Student, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST)

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En poste chez Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST)

Précédents : Scion, Material Research Institute of AIT (Athlone), Plastimo, Armor


Précédents : Université Bretagne Sud Lorient Vannes, IUT


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    > Research Engineer in the field of Polymer and Composite research and development - 4 years and 9 months of international experience - an expertise and skills developed in a professional environment - a willingness to continue in Polymers and Composites R&D > My experiences (cf. below for more details) Lastly, I worked on a project with the objective to valorize polylactide (PLA) and widen its application fields by improving its mechanical properties. This objective was fulfilled through the preparation of PLA-based polymer blends by extrusion and the development of a new compatibilization method for immiscible polymer blends using natural phenolic compounds. Through my experiences, I also worked on the formulation of natural polymer-based hydrogels (photo-polymerization) used for bone repair as well as on the development of PVC-based composites loaded with wood fillers to improve PVC mechanical and thermal properties. > My Training (cf. below for more details): - Master in Eco-design of Polymers and Composites (2013) Skills/knowledge: general knowledge and preparation of polymers and composites by different routes, materials characterization, Eco-design - DUT Physical Measurements (2010) Skills/knowledge: material characterization, fluid mechanics, mechanics … > An overview of my skills - Preparation of composites (extrusion, injection-moulding, RTM, infusion ...) and polymers (extrusion, injection, mass/solution/bulk polymerization...) - Characterization of molecular (FTIR, NMR, GPC...), mechanical (tensile/bending/impact/compression test...), morphological (confocal microscopy, SEM, AFM...), thermal (DSC, TGA) and thermo-mechanical (DMA) properties of materials - Eco-design expertise (LCA, use of natural resources ...) - Projects management in the framework of my PhD thesis and my studies in collaboration with professionals (DCNS, LIST), supervision of trainees, results valorisation (scientific papers, international conferences…) > Feel free to communicate through my different addresses


PhD Student

Chez Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST)

De September 2014 à aujourd'hui
COMPANY The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) is a research center of the "Organization for Research and Technology (RTO)" type located in Luxembourg in the fields of materials, environment and IT. Its mission is to develop advanced technologies and to offer innovative products ...
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R&D Polymers and Composites research engineer

Chez Scion

De February 2013 à September 2013
COMPANY Scion is a New Zealand Crown research institute specialided in research, science and technology development for the forestry, wood product, wood-derived materials, and other biomaterial sectors. CONTEXT Limiting the use of petrochemical materials by using renewable resources is one of the ...
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Université Bretagne Sud Lorient Vannes, Lorient

Master ECPC, Eco-conception, Polymères et Composites

De September 2011 à September 2013
Master in polymer and composite materials with a specification in Eco-design of these materials > Knowledge: surface/interface, plastic packaging, quality, solid polymers viscosity, optical materials, physico-chemical characterization of polymers, plastic recycling, life cycle analysis, chemical ...
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R&D research assistant

Chez Material Research Institute of AIT (Athlone)

De March 2012 à June 2012
COMPANY The MRI research center is a laboratory of the Technological Institute of Athlone (AIT) specialized in polymers for the medical and pharmaceutical industries and in composite materials. This center also offers its services to companies requiring advanced studies. CONTEXT Bone repair is a ...
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Methods office engineer assistant

Chez Plastimo

De March 2011 à July 2011
COMPANY Plastimo is a Navimo group company based in Lorient and specialized in nautical equipments production, marketing, engineering, sale and after-sales services. CONTEXT The company uses a large number of polymers to produce an extended range of products and some applications requires a unique ...
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Université Bretagne Sud Lorient Vannes, Lorient

Licence, Licence 3 Polymères et Composites

De September 2010 à June 2011
Licence specialized in polymer and composite materials to access to the associated Master

IUT, Saint Nazaire

DUT, Mesures Physiques

De September 2008 à September 2010
DUT dealing with measurement methods in various fields described just below: > Main areas: Communication and English, Mathematics, Electricity and Electronics Chemistry, Metrology, Project management, Energetics, Materials, Mechanics and vibrations, Optics, Instrumentation > Metrology method ...
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Quality superior technician

Chez Armor

De April 2010 à June 2010
COMPANY Armor is an international company, specialist in ink chemistry and printing technologies. The development of inked films for thermal transfer technology used for barcodes is an important part of the company research activity to ensure an innovative products range. CONTEXT The use of thermal ...
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