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Précédents : Sap, Abb, Pro Assurances - Gen Re, Griesser AG / Weinor, BMW, Swisscom, Telenet, Digicel, Astro, Togo Telcom, Orascom Telecom, T-mobile, Wanadoo / Orange, Orange, Cable Wireless, Deutsche Telekom, Vimpelcom, Vodafone, Talkline, CMG / Logica, UPC / UTH Telekabel, KPN, ABN AMRO, RAET IT Services, USZO, Deloitte, VWS / Rijkswaterstaat


Précédents : Haagse Hogeschool


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    Mr Kouwenhoven is a Senior Freelance Consultant, based in Cannes, France. I travel globally for the duration of my contract and do whatever it takes to make your testing project a success, to deliver on time and with the agreed quality criteria. My strong point is that I work internationally with people from all cultures and backgrounds. Since January 2001 I have been working on Freelance contracts in various countries (worldwide) on global projects in different sectors like Engineering, (Re)Insurance, Manufacturing, Automotive, Telecom, Banking, Finance and Accounting. Since 2001 Mr. Kouwenhoven has worked worldwide as a freelance contractor. I hope this short summary gives you enough information to contact me and I am looking forward to speaking with you over the phone or face-to- face. With best regards, Alex Kouwenhoven



End To End Test Management

Chez Freelance

De janvier 2001 à aujourd'hui
As a Dutch national, he holds a Bachelor’s degree of Science (Bsc.) in Information Science (Informatiekunde); his official titles are “Information Analyst” and “Systems Designer”. Alex speaks fluent Dutch, English, French and German. He speaks basic Russian because he is married to a Russian. He ...
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SAP S4/Hana Test Manager

Chez Sap

De mars 2018 à mai 2018
End to End - Test Management UAT & Integration Test of the following SAP modules: - S4/Hana (SD, MM, FI, CO, PP, QM, CS) - GTS (Global Trade Services) - EWM (Extended Warehouse Management, Automatisches Kleinteilelager (AKL) Viastore - HCM (Human Capital Management) - BDE ...
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Test Manager S4/Hana Salesforce Apttus Navetti ConfigIT

Chez Abb

De octobre 2016 à novembre 2017
As a Test Manager within the ABB Testing Team, I managed several projects: 1) SAP S4/Hana Order Management and SAP R3 Order Capture (Italy, Spain) plus Fiori Apps 2) Salesforce Regression testing and new functionality 3) Multiple Configurators to configure the ABB Global products Apttus shopping ...
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SAP Test Manager

Chez Pro Assurances - Gen Re

De août 2015 à avril 2016
As the RAS 1B Test Lead I was directly responsible for managing 7 Test Execution Leads (TEL) from all work streams, regarding the test -preparation, - planning, gateway’s, - kick off and - execution (progress and defects). I was managing 75-100 testers located in 5 rooms in Cologne, being the first ...
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Test Manager VFC

Chez BMW

De juillet 2014 à décembre 2014
Applikationsspezifisches Test Management für das Projekt / Release VFC Werke 7 (Leipzig) und Werke 1 (München) Local Test Manager (Acceptance Testing) in Munich and Leipzig for all Defects, Problems, Issues and appropriate Rework activities of all BMW models, during production, maintenance (at ...
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End-to-End UAT Test Manager MS Dynamics AX 2012

Chez Griesser AG / Weinor

De avril 2014 à juillet 2014
Test Manager System Test and System Integration Test for an Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 ERP implementation in 5 languages (FR, EN, DE, IT, SP). During the End-To-End Business Process Testing (Abnahme / UAT), I organised the testing of all the business processes of this sun protection ...
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Test Manager, Startup Manager SOP

Chez BMW

De janvier 2013 à octobre 2013
1) Testmanager TEK (External Components), Testing of the end-to-end process “Injection Molding” of plastic/CFK body parts (Body Panels i03, Bumpers, M-Sport) via Paint Street, Pre-assembly, warehouse, supermarket, Logistics, SAP, JIS/JIT, to vehicle assembly hall. 2) Testmanager End to end ...
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Test Manager FMS_NG & New Model Mini

Chez BMW

De mai 2012 à décembre 2012
1) Testmanager of a new next generation system for Bodywork, Paint and Assembly Defects and Rework Activities found during production of all BMW models for 8 worldwide plants in German and English. (America,South Africa, China, Germany and UK). Managing the preparation and execution of the ...
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Project Manager FTTH Data Exchange

Chez Swisscom

De septembre 2011 à décembre 2011
1) Project Manager of an ETL / Business Intelligence implementation (using Talend, Commercially Open Source JAVA based) connecting to OSS (GIS, FTTH) and BSS (BRM) systems. 2) Single Point of Contact (SPOC) leading the Data Exchange and reporting between Swisscom and multiple Partners (roll-out of ...
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Lead BA and Project Manager

Chez Telenet

De décembre 2010 à mars 2011
1) Lead BA for the Clarify Quick Wins and SLA manager projects 2) Project Manager of 4 streams: a. Quick Wins i. Amdocs Archiving --> selection and implementing of solution (IBM Optim) ii. Top 5 prio issues b. SLA manager functionality c. Decomissioning of ...
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UAT Test Manager

Chez Digicel

De avril 2010 à juillet 2010
I was responsible for the preparation and execution of the User Acceptance Testing of the new NSI Billing system. The current Mobi Master Billing module is replaced with the Singl.eView billing system: 1) Approval of the Intec Test Strategy 2) Creation of the Digicel Test Plan (including test ...
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Program Test Manager / Migration Manager / Solution Designer

Chez Astro

De juillet 2008 à septembre 2009
Transformation project from Amdocs 5.5 to Amdocs CES 7.5 suite (JAVA SMART client) which includes Billing, CRM, AMSS, Partner Management, Inventory and Ordering. I was performing 3 roles: 1) Program Test Manager responsible for managing directly all Astro Acceptance testing: UAT, BART (billing and ...
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Test Manager / Subject Matter Expert Testing

Chez Orascom Telecom

De décembre 2007 à juillet 2008
Lebanon's biggest telecom operator (Alfa / Fal Dete Telecom) was changing its current billing system to Singl.eView. I was both onsite in Beirut as well as working offsite from home to create the testing strategy and the high level testing plan for the implementation of Intec's Singl.eView. I was ...
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IT Auditor

Chez Togo Telcom

juin 2008
I was both onsite in Lomé as working offsite in Sophia Antipolis for the preparation and execution of an information system (IS) audit for the biggest operator in Togo. The recommendation report described the current situation, a summary of the interviews, the work in progress and the proposed ...
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Test Stream Leader / Senior Test Manager Disaster Recovery

Chez T-mobile

De juillet 2006 à juin 2007
I was working for Amdocs at T-Mobile in Hatfield as a Test Stream Leader. I was responsible for testing the complete DR (Disaster Recovery), High Volume project. I have successfully leaded according to plan, the capability test. Signoff is received from the business by IS Quality, two weeks before ...
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Portal/Infranet Application Specialist / Implementation – Release Manager

Chez Wanadoo / Orange

De décembre 2005 à mars 2006
Environment: Wanadoo was changing its brand and name to Orange and had to restructure products and systems to accommodate this. Livebox is promoted, customer base is growing quite rapidly, but the competition in Adsl is strong and can change quickly. Tasks and responsibilities: 1. Manage the ...
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Project / Test Manager - End to end system tester

Chez Orange

De janvier 2005 à juillet 2005
Environment: hectic, Orange is trying to catch up with Swisscom (UMTS, CRBT, etc.) Tasks and responsibilities: regression, new functionality test of Amdocs releases (big UMTS), test management and execution of tests. Project management of several smaller projects like Smartphone / Embedded devices ...
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End to end test Manager ‘mobile unlimited’ UMTS

Chez Swisscom

De mai 2004 à octobre 2004
Environment: The new 4-in-1 PC Card accommodates 4 technologies: UMTS, WLAN (WiFi), Bluetooth and GPRS. The costs of the data communication (per MB) are independent of the used technology. Tasks and responsibilities: I was the billing (BSCS/Infranet) and testing expert in a team of 4, which was ...
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Key role in testing, support and analyzing Billing System

Chez Cable Wireless

De février 2003 à mars 2004
Environment: This implementation of Ensemble consists of 12 different Caribbean countries (e.g. CAY, JAM and BAR). In order to know all local reference data, people from the islands came to Barbados to support preparation and executing of the tests. Tasks and responsibilities: I was the LAT (Local ...
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Functional expert, operational experience MAF/MPS

Chez Deutsche Telekom

De septembre 2002 à février 2003
Environment: These modules are calculating the fixed net usage for major customers. These major customers have offices in several countries and have leased lines from DT. Therefore they can call for special rates. Also volume discounts and other discounts are calculated. Tasks and responsibilities: ...
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Ongoing support, Statistics

Chez Vimpelcom

De janvier 2002 à juillet 2002
Tasks and responsibilities: I was a member of the OGS (On-Going Support) expert team of 4, which was responsible for ALL daily operations of Vimpelcom in Moscow. This production support includes CSM/POS, RM, AR, Switch, MAF, MPS, Billing, In-collect, Out-collect and EOD. The job also includes ...
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Friendly Customer Test Manager and UAT tester

Chez Vodafone

De janvier 2001 à août 2001
Environment: The main focus was on Production Readiness of the MMO (Mannesmann Mobile Organization), the hardware and the Amdocs billing system Tasks and responsibilities: (1) Managing the Friendly Customer Test (FCT) in the pre-production test-team Amdocs Ensemble implementation. The FCT is an ...
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Subject Matter Expert Billing and AR / Collection

Chez Talkline

De octobre 1999 à décembre 2000
Amdocs Ensemble was implemented for both Talkline Netherlands and Talkline Germany. Only one billing system is implemented that includes both the Dutch and German markets. I managed the configuration (setup) and testing of the A/R and collection modules by performing the following activities: 1. ...
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Chez CMG / Logica

De janvier 1999 à décembre 2000


Chez KPN

De juillet 1999 à août 1999
Create and deliver documents according to the KPN standards to the management organization. Below documents were needed to let the internal implementation organisation maintain and implement the application SBS, a fixed net Telephone Project Management System. The 3 documents I created were ...
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Chez Swisscom

De mai 1999 à juin 1999
I created and delivered a new version of the Command Handler, which is part of a point of sale system, also known as MTDS (Mobile Telephone Dealer System). This Management Information Application gives an overview of the status in the F.O.R.M.S. (Fast Ordering and Registration Management System) ...
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Chez UPC / UTH Telekabel

De janvier 1999 à mars 1999
I described the Finance (Billing and Collection) Processes at Enertel Rotterdam. The carrier select service was bought by UTH and the Finance processes of the new services needed to be imbedded in the current organisational structure of UTH. In order to achieve this I performed the following ...
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Project Manager / Coordinator SWIFT implementation


De mai 1998 à décembre 1998
In order to standardise the distribution of SWIFT messages within the ABN AMRO Bank, I coordinated the worldwide implementation of a new SWIFT gateway (SWIFT Alliance Access) by performing the following activities: 1. Describing the processes and procedures of a project office and implementing a ...
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Chez RAET IT Services

De juillet 1996 à décembre 1998

Configuration and Test Social Security / Salary Calculation


De juillet 1996 à avril 1998
Design and maintain rules for relevant social security law (unemployment / pension benefits). These rules are used as input for generating a new salary and social security calculation system. The generations of application code by flexible generators (which generate code by inputting new rules) ...
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Haagse Hogeschool, The Hague, The Netherlands

bachelor, Haagse Hogeschool

De septembre 1991 à juin 1996


Chez Deloitte

De 1995 à 1996
100 working days


Chez VWS / Rijkswaterstaat

100 working days


  • Quality and Customer Care
  • Quality assurance
  • Quality management
  • Quality manufacturing
  • Qualitycenter
  • Test manager
  • Tests utilisateurs

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