Bertrand Choubert

Bertrand Choubert

Full Stack Web Developer, Intitek

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Précédents : VDS Consulting, IUNEX Group, Brayton Global, Polyenco (Poly Engigneering Consulting), Fiat / CNH / flière FTP, Archives Départementales de l'Ain


Précédents : Social Media Pro, POLYTECH LYON (ISTIL), IUT Informatique Lyon 1, Lycées Jean Monnet


    En résumé

    Design, development, management and organization, that is my definition of IT. By nature, I have perseverance, and I'm rigorous, enthusiastic, never fully satisfied, and always listening. I began web development at 12, which is now my preferred field. I am currently a French CS Engineer , and Full Stack Web Developer. I'm trained to design and develop innovative websites in modern languages. I train myself with a lot of online trainings, on websites like uDemy, Microsoft Virtual Academy, and others because front-end languages change every day. Passionate about IT, but also aeronautics and music creation, I am interested by innovation in multiple fields, which permits me to learn new things about them!


Internship : Conceptor DevOps Full-Stack - Designer

Chez VDS Consulting

De février 2017 à août 2017
Conception, devlopment and operationals of projects in Speed Development : - An e-commerce website (Symfony 3 - MySQL - Bootstrap - JS - CSS3) - A factoring webste (NodeJS - MongoDB - Sass - MDBootstrap - Grunt - jQuery) - VDS-Consulting's showcase website (JEE Spring - MDBootstrap - Less - Gulp) - ...
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Social Media Pro, Paris

Web Marketing

De juillet 2016 à avril 2017
How to use Google Analytics Growth Hacking Webmarketing basics Webinar w/ Rémy Bigot - WebMarketing basics Webinar w/ Stanislas Leloup - Sailing / landing pages Webinar w/ Stanislas Leloup - Autoresponders & marketing emails Webinar w/ Alexandre Bortolotti - Wordpress Marketing Facebook ...
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PHP and Chrome extension developer

Chez IUNEX Group

De juillet 2016 à mars 2017
- Design and Develop Chrome extensions with REST APIs - In charge of development, infrastructure, security and UX design parts Used : HTML, CSS, JavaScript, content Scripts, SQL, PHP, REST, ...

Front-end web developper and IT Consultant

Chez Brayton Global

De janvier 2016 à septembre 2016
- Develop user-friendly drag&drop tools - Answer complex questions about javascript code / libraries asked by the Brayton Global's team Used : JavaScript, jQuery, Draggable, Gridster, etc.

Internship team manager - Front-end web lead developer

Chez Brayton Global

De juillet 2015 à janvier 2016
- Analyzed the database of alpha version, needs of data storage, and designed the database - Implemented communication and organization tools, coordinated work between two teams - Developed the front-end part respecting deadlines Used : Symfony2, PHP 5, Twig, HTML 5, CSS 3, Bootstrap 3, Media ...
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Consultant / active member

Chez Polyenco (Poly Engigneering Consulting)

De janvier 2015 à mars 2015
- Did various professionnal missions of consulting, development, and application testing in the context of contracts - Understood complex demands from the client

Internship : development oriented traceability / inventory management

Chez Fiat / CNH / flière FTP

De avril 2014 à juin 2014
- Understood the importance of traceability and inventory management for the producation of parts and engine - Analyzed problems of the old, not user-firendly, and not updated software - Developed a HFSQL database, and a WinDev software according the specs (XML communication with SAP / PMS)

IUT Informatique Lyon 1, Bourg En Bresse

DUT - Diploma of Technology of University computer science general computing option, DUT - Diploma of Technology of University computer science general computing option

De septembre 2012 à juin 2014

Web analyst and lead developer

Chez Archives Départementales de l'Ain

De novembre 2013 à mars 2014
- Built a website certified 'projet centenaire 14-18' and being part of the 'Grande Collecte' - Handled recurrent meetings with the client and its representative Used : PHP 5, HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Google Maps JavaScript API v3, etc.

Lycées Jean Monnet, Yzeure

Scientific 'baccalauréat' engigneer sciences option, Lycées Jean Monnet

De septembre 2009 à juin 2012


  • Consulting (nouvelles technologies, informatique)
  • Création de bases de données réparties, SQL3 objet
  • Gestion de projets
  • Google Maps API v3
  • IOS(Swift)
  • JavaScript
  • Leaflet API (OpenStreetMap)
  • Programmation web avec frameworks
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Centres d'intérêt

  • aeronautics
  • computer science consultancy
  • music creation