Carlos Poncino

Carlos Poncino

Regional Security Coordinator, TOTAL S.A

En poste chez YPF S.A

Précédents : Sequentys, Triskel Consulting, EPEE - Areva - Central African Republic, ENI Group - Algeria, GEOS Company - Nicaragua, 2°CIE


    En résumé

    A security professional with extensive experience in identifying and reducing corporate risk. This includes protecting, advising and relocating expatriate staff, managing projects, planning and implementation of security measures, as well as risk assessment. Excellent presentation and communication skills, broad experience in interdepartmental relations. Extensive ability to develop and implement risk prevention plans and executive protection skills. Ability to mobilize a human set of one or more team works, to achieve collectively and successfully targets, particularly in the areas of security, logistics, organizational, etc. Ability to communicate, to create an enabling environment for the development of people in order to lead the team (s) to overcome himself at the benefit of the company. Among others, I have achieved excellent results in organizational reengineering, along with the optimization of processes, integration and application of new technologies in security, audits, etc. Specifics knowledge of security situations and working culture in Latin America, Europe and Africa.


Regional Security Cordinator

Chez YPF S.A

De mars 2014 à aujourd'hui
Responsible for security management in a region of one thousand square kilometers, with 5 major facilities, more than 1,800 producing oil wells, 122 batteries, 5 Transformative power stations, more than 100 of Electrical power substation. I contribute every day within the security department, to ...
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Country Security Manager

Chez Sequentys

De février 2013 à février 2014
In collaboration with Sequentys, a French Security Consultancy Company starting up operations in Colombia, for the development and execution of protection and consultancy projects. I was responsible principally to organize the Protection, Security and Operational Logistic of the customers during ...
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Team Leader - Maritim Security - Aden Gulf

Chez Triskel Consulting

De avril 2010 à décembre 2012
In charge of crew and ship security against piracy threats. Key responsibilities - Management of Armed Counter Piracy Security Team. - Counter piracy advising for the Master. - Organize antipiracy awareness to the crew. - Create the risk assessment of the vessel. - Participate to establishing ...
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Responsible of Protection

Chez EPEE - Areva - Central African Republic

De mars 2010 à septembre 2010
In charge of personnel and site security of prospection operations on potential mining site. Key responsibilities - Evaluates potential threats on people, property and facilities of the site. - Consider and express protection needs on a day to day basis. - Establish an awareness and support system ...
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Security Manager

Chez ENI Group - Algeria

De septembre 2009 à février 2010
In charge of implementation, control and continuous improvement of personnel and base camp security procedures for a major construction site (oil refinery and port terminal). Key responsibilities - Organize personnel security for all movements in hostile environment. - Recuperation and Transport ...
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Security Consultant

Chez GEOS Company - Nicaragua

De août 2009 à septembre 2009
In charge of security training for spanish members of the European Commission visiting Nicaragua. Key responsibilities - Hostile environment training sessions about the risks and the behaviors to have in case of problem in Nicaragua


Chez 2°CIE

De octobre 1993 à décembre 2008
Some Key responsibilities - Security officer of a military camp. - Administrative management and security measures of installations. - Cooperation with different civilian companies. - Continuous liaison at all levels. - Daily organisation of operations and logistics. - Co-ordination of individual ...
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