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    Premaccess is a Swiss company specialized in high availability hosting and managed services. Our goal is to offer the highest possible performances as well as quality of service to our customers. Our expertise and our proximity to our customers are our key features to best answer their needs and upcoming developments. Premaccess offers its services worldwide and is dedicated to customers with a high demand for performing, secure and scalable IT architectures to answer their needs for a high and irregular amount of simultaneous connexions. Premaccess is mostly specialized in virtualisation and private cloud architectures to ensure the highest possible performances, security, and scalability. According to their needs we offer our customers IaaS, PaaS ans SaaS architectures. Each customer is assigned to a dedicated project manager whose goal is to ensure a perfect match between the customer's needs and the IT architecture in place. Over the last year Premaccess has kept on growing in a controlled and regular way. It always integrates the newest and most performing technologies into its architectures with one main goal: stay focused on the customers and keep on offering the highest possible quality of service. Spécialités :server and network architecture, organization, planning, accuracy