Claire Matha Haramburu

Claire Matha Haramburu

Founder and Managing Director at CLAIRE

Retail Real Estate Development Advisor

En poste chez CLAIRE Retail

Précédents : Marc Orian (LBO CDC Capital Investment), SEPHORA


Précédents : Université Paris Dauphine


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    Established in 2008, CLAIRE assists French and International brands to define and hone their real estate strategy on the French Market. > Implantation strategy CLAIRE can help you to open the French market and will guide you through your expansion projects : • Analyses of your current network of outlets, the position of your brand, your technical specifications, the competition on your market sector, etc. • Research and identification of the most appropriate economic and financial model. • Defining your real estate policy: choice of towns and specific implantation areas, minimum client catchment area requirements and best position of your brand. + CLAIRE Having spent 15 years collaborating with International Groups on their real estate projects, my network stretches to the very bounders of France and beyond. > Development CLAIRE can help you identify the very best real estate opportunities by : • Finding the outlets which correspond to your precise brand specifications. • Studying all the sales outlet programmes in France and comparing these to your needs in terms of shopping centres, retail parks and overhauls in town centres. • Presentation of earmarked projects to decision-takers: site, potential customer catchment area, presentation of the real estate project, accessibility, financial aspects, competition, potential cannibalisation effect, main legal issues with regard to the lease, provisional business plan, annexes and conclusion. • Carrying out the commercial and legal negotiations connected to the lease for the project which has been selected. Should the lease or the business need to be bought out, negotiating this is part of the service which only stops when the client has the keys to the property. + CLAIRE Get yourself a global view of the outlet market with my expertise. > Management CLAIRE can find solutions to optimise your financial return on property : • Management of lease renewal and renegotiation. • Renegotiation of rental costs. • Objective advice on the sale of non-strategic or under-performing outlets. • Curtailing leases. • Optimise the productivity of your sales outlets: transferring to new locations, renovation, reorganisation of space, down- or up-sizing of sales areas, etc. + CLAIRE Fluid communication between all the actors of a transaction helps create a serene, professional environment conducive to constructive discussion. > > > Quick biography I graduated from Paris IX Dauphine University in Industrial Strategy. I worked for a year in the USA between California and Florida before coming back to France. Snapped up by the Energy department of the French industrial Group Bolloré, I stayed with this company for three years. Crude oil distribution was in crisis at this time and my experience in running a profit centre came to the forefront. Following this, I joined the executive sales team of Reynolds Tobacco France (Winston, Camel) where I also stayed for three years. Brand development became my major concern as of 1998 when I joined the Real Estate department of Sephora ( LVMH Group) of which I later became Director. I stayed with Sephora for eight years before moving on to Marc Orian (LBO CDC Capital Investment). 2008 saw the beginnings of my own company in retail real estate development. It's now five years on and 2014 is full of new, promising projects!


Founder and Managing Director at CLAIRE

Chez CLAIRE Retail

De 2008 à aujourd'hui
Retail Real Estate Development Strategy Established in 2008, CLAIRE assists French and International brands to define and hone their real estate strategy on the French Market.

Real Estate Director, France.

Chez Marc Orian (LBO CDC Capital Investment)

De 2006 à 2008


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