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Précédents : Osagri Seeds, Siemens, Different companies


Précédents : Conservatoire National Des Arts Et Métiers, IMF Institute And San Pablo CEU University, Audencia Management School - Mines De Douai Engineering School, Glyndwr University


Training and Academic Program Manager


De octobre 2013 à aujourd'hui
Academic Program Manager: - Securing the long-term strategy of the company - Elaborate and lead the global academic strategy and execution for the ANSYS Systems Business Unit - Promote sales to Academic customers in relationship with the sales teams - Manage the relationship and consistency between ...
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Project Manager Coordinator - Business Analyst

Chez Siemens

De octobre 2012 à octobre 2013
The Siemens Graduate Program : program of excellence for the training of the company's future managers First rotation : Part of the Energy Transformers division, working on defining the strategy for distribution transformers in Spain and France. Participating to the change management program for ...
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Consultant of the CEO

Chez Osagri Seeds

De janvier 2012 à juillet 2013
Participation in the business plan elaboration and translation of documents, managing business relations with investors and marketing activities for fund raising Managing a research group of engineering students of the School of Mines to implement innovative cultural methodes. The solution ...
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Audencia Management School - Mines De Douai Engineering School, France, Brazil, United States

Master, Double degree Engineer-Manager // Generalist and Civil engineering - Management and Finance

De septembre 2008 à mai 2013
University of California BERKELEY (USA) : Management and Leadership program Universidade Federale do Rio de Janeiro UFRJ (Brazil) : Exchange semester with the School of Mines, Civil engineering Activities and Societies: Head of sponsoring and participant for a Tour de France in tandem to ...
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Chez Different companies

De janvier 2008 à août 2012
Cotca s.a. Civil Engineer assistant in the quality department : Verifying normalization compliance on construction sites, researches on quality accreditations (Spain) Janka Engineering technician in the customer service : Comparison of performances and technological updating of air handling units ...
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Glyndwr University, Wrexham

Certificate of continuing education , Glyndwr University

De juin 2008 à juillet 2008
Renewable energies, Sustainable development and British culture


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