Joanne Canonne

Joanne Canonne

Chargée d'affaires réglementaires, Lallemand Plant Care

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En formation chez Toulouse Business School

Précédents : Université Toulouse 3 Paul Sabatier, Université Lille 1 Sciences Et Technologies


    En résumé

    My professional experience and my PhD followed by a post-doctoral stay in the field of plant-pathogen interactions has provided me with strong knowledge in microbiology, physiology and molecular/cellular biology. My additional experiences in private companies also gave me skills in projects and regulation management in the domains of agronomy and biotechnology. My diplomation in management of technological innovation has finally broaden my skills in company strategic management, international business, financial analysis, intellectual property rights and marketing.



Chez Efficient Innovation

De juin 2015 à aujourd'hui
Efficient Innovation accompagne l’ensemble des acteurs de l’innovation des domaines privés, public et parapublics provenant de tous les secteurs d’activité. L’expertise d’Efficient Innovation couvre de nombreux domaines : - Financements publics de la Recherche et Développement (R&D), via les ...
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Research Associate

Chez Agronutrition

De septembre 2013 à septembre 2014
I was Research associate working for Agronutrition, a leading group in the development of plant nutritional supplements. From the lab to the field, the company is specialized in the development of nutritional programs aiming at improving plant production and/or quality. My research focused on the ...
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Research Associate


De novembre 2011 à août 2012
My postdoctoral stay consisted in initiating the functional characterization of plant proteins to uncover new mechanisms for plant defence regulation.

Research Assistant


De octobre 2008 à octobre 2011
I focused on different aspects of the regulation of a plant protein acting as a positive regulator of defence. Among others, the main objective of my project was to understand the virulence mechanism used by bacteria to partially suppress plant immunity. Our successful findings, awarded by the ...
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