Laurent Ciavatti

Laurent Ciavatti

Business Development Manager, UK & Ireland

En poste chez Clean Cells

Précédents : ISOTOP4LIFE, Nature & Cie


Précédents : IGRIAE (Institut De Gestion De Rennes), IAE, University Of Manchester, Université Rennes 1


    En résumé

    After a B.Sc. in Cell Biology, Genetics and Physiology, I chose to pursue an MBA degree with a specialization in International Marketing. During my undergraduate years, I was given the chance to go to the University of Manchester (38th University in the world • Shanghai Ranking) as part of the Erasmus program. Within the department of Health & Life Sciences, I gained precious knowledge and the ability to speak fluent english. Also, thanks to my dual academic path, I was able to get an internship as webmarketing manager in an agri-food company (Nature & Cie • organic & gluten-free products). I later got a position as marketing & communication manager at ISOTOP4LIFE, a consortium of public and private partners dedicated to the promotion of the medical use of radioisotopes at a global scale. Considering my academic and professional experience, I am now looking for a position abroad in companies related to Health, Biotechnologies or Agri-Food production/commercialization. Nevertheless, I also have numerous interests beside the ones listed above and I would very much like to work in the fields of High Tech, Medias or in the Entertainment sphere if I was given a chance.


Marketing and Communication Manager


De April 2013 à June 2014
Project manager : marketing, communication & planning on international events (EANM '13 & '14). ISOTOP4LIFE is a cluster focused on the development of nuclear technologies for Health. It is the first consortium dedicated to Radioisotopes applications which aims to mutualise and coordinate skills ...
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IGRIAE (Institut De Gestion De Rennes), Rennes

Master 2, IGRIAE (Institut de Gestion de Rennes)

De September 2012 à September 2013
MBA (2ND YEAR) • Specialization : International Marketing

Webmarketing manager

Chez Nature & Cie

De June 2012 à September 2012

IAE, Nantes

M1 MDC Management/Marketing, Master 1 Management double compétence

De September 2011 à September 2012

Université Rennes 1, Rennes

Licence de Biologie Cellulaire, Génétique, Microbiologie, Physiologie (BCGMP), Faculté des Sciences

De September 2008 à September 2011

University Of Manchester, Manchester

Premier semestre de Licence 3

De September 2010 à February 2011
Faculty of Life Sciences - Programme ERASMUS à l'Université de MANCHESTER, au département de Médecine et de Faculté des Sciences de la Vie. Spécialisation en immunologie, cellules souches et biologie moléculaire et neurosciences.


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