Lucy Airs

Lucy Airs

Translator / Interpreter - Trainer / Business Coach

Language Consultant

Précédents : Université Paris VII Jussieu, Ecole Active Bilingue


    En résumé

    TRANSLATOR / INTERPRETER - TRAINER / COACH TRANSLATOR: Most types of document - see specialisations below INTERPRETER: Simultaneous, Consecutive, Distance, Liaison TRAINER: Corporate top-management and executive training, one-on-one or small groups in English language, Communication, Corporate Non-Verbal Communication (reading and managing situations, intercultural issues etc.) I work with professionals to improve their communication skills and ability to put across their message both in English and in French. Translation, interpreting and training services either STANDALONE or as a COMBINATION for areas such as business and finance where I translate documents (financial analyses, slide-shows, presentations etc.), then work with my clients (or clients' clients) to prepare the relevant business meetings, conferences, road-shows etc. I can then act as an interpreter if necessary during business meetings, road shows, conferences, etc. Thus I offer a COMPLETE SERVICE for enterprises with international interests. My interpreting takes into account not only the language, but also each person’s position and I strive to ensure communication does not lose in quality and dynamics while I am interpreting. My main areas of expertise are: - Finance, and in particular IPOs, capital increases... - Telecommunications - Multimedia, websites... - Wine - Design and arts, cinema, scripts - Social sciences I have a 'numéro de formateur' for people within the French system. Whichever area I work in I love the challenge of learning a new set of rules, a new business pattern, activity etc. It is one of the reasons I love working on IPOs, each company is different and has its own history and I love immersing myself into that activity and frame of mind in order to help best convey its message. I am also a trained horse whisperer and offer corporate and communication training based on such behavioural techniques and knowledge.



Chez NewCap

De 2008 à aujourd'hui


Chez CUC Coktel Sierra

De 1996 à 1998

Ecole Active Bilingue, Paris

BEPC - O Levels - A Levels, Marguerite - Berri - Victor Hugo

De septembre 1987 à juin 1991


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