Maud Garnier

Maud Garnier

Sales Manager, Laval Virtual

En poste chez Laval Virtual

Précédents : Régies partenaires Christal & Harpa médias, Garage des Pommeraies, PRECOM, Ouest France, Zambon Immobilier / Square Habitat


Précédents : Ecole Supérieure Privée ESUP


    En résumé

    Innovation and New Technologies are essential success factors in every sectors in terms of development and growth of business. Since 1999, Laval Virtual is the reference event of these evolutions and the European leader in the New Technologies sector and uses of Virtual: Industry, Medecine, Heritage, Training, Entertainment... On site, you can see this through increasing number of visitors: 15,000 persons from 40 different nationalities. This growth enhances the essential position of the exhibition. Each year, the whole VR Community gathers at Laval Virtual. Our 16th edition will be held from the 9th to the 13th of April 2014. Laval virtual is composed of different poles : - A big exhibition on 4 000m² hall, for professionnel visitors for 3 days and open to public the week-end - The Virtual Reality International Conferences with researches from of whole world - Virtual Fantasy, a big international student competition - Laval Virtual Awards - ReVolution, in patnership with IVRC and the Siggraph, it's a technologic showcase More details on our website:


Chef de Publicité

Chez Régies partenaires Christal & Harpa médias

De octobre 2012 à septembre 2013

Assistante Marketing / Vente

Chez Garage des Pommeraies

De juin 2011 à octobre 2012

Assistante Chef de Publicité

Chez PRECOM, Ouest France

De avril 2010 à juin 2010

Agent Location

Chez Zambon Immobilier / Square Habitat

De août 2008 à mai 2009
Responsable du secteur Lavallois (53)


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  • Commercial
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  • Immobilier
  • Marketing

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