Pascal Pignon

Pascal Pignon

Firmware project manager, Oceasoft

En poste chez Oceasoft

Précédents : Elster SAS - Division Coronis Systems, Pleyo, E'process - Iwedia, CFE-KALIDEA (Groupe Inforéalité), TDF, Micro Futur, Tonna Electronique


    En résumé

    25 years of experience in embedded systems, low and high end... Linux addict since 1998 Specialties: Embedded systems, Code optimization, processor architecture, firmware, hardware, low power, Digital Signal Processing, Linux. Engineering - Methodology and tools: Trac, Redmine, TWiki, Mantis, Bugzilla, Subversion, Git, Doxygen, Buildbot, openworkbench. - Development: Cmake, Binutils, Open embedded, BitBake, BusyBox, Buildroot, Emdebian, gcc, - OS : Linux, OS-X, Android, Psos, VxWorks, eCos, FreeRTOS, OS20/21, ... oops and Windows. - Protocoles, and networks: TCP/IP, UDP, FTP, BOOTP, HTTP, SSH, Samba, NFS, WiFi, Bluetooth - Programming : Multitask, real time, linux (kernel, modules, system) - Languages : Assembler, C, C++, python, bash. - Ref Designs: FriendlyArm, Raspberry Pi, Pragmatec 2440, Armadeus, ... Processors (ISA, and micro-architecture) : - Arm : Cortex A, Samsung S3C24xx, TI Omap, Freescale Imx27/31, Cortex M. - Freescale : 68xx, 68xxx, 56xxx, 96xxx. - Texas Instruments : TMS320C2x, TMS320C5x, TMS320C80, MSP430 - Intel : i960, IA-32 (FPU, MMX, XMM, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, SSE4), AVX (soon) - Hitachi : H8, SH4, Nxp : Trimedia, 8051, Nec 78K, Cortus Aps3, Amd Geode. Digital Signal Processing : FIR, IIR, and multirate filtering, polyphased networks, NCO, DPLL, Digital modulations Video Standards: PAL, NTSC, SECAM, CCIR601/656, SCART, Y/C, DVI, MPEG Audio Standards: AES/EBU, AC97, S/PDIF, PCM, MP3, FM Multiplex Buses: JTAG (FSM), RS232, RS422/485, I2C, SPI, 1-Wire, L3, PCI, PCI-E Hardware : FPGA, Complex analog filtres, PLL, oscillators, ADC, DAC, conditioning, low power International work environment Management - Recruitment and team management - Projects management - Deployment of methods and tools for software development - Training


Chef de projets

Chez Elster SAS - Division Coronis Systems

De juin 2009 à décembre 2013
International projects management : Enhance Wavenis stack to get Japan ARIB T67 certification Wavenis Bluetooth bridge compliant with standards ARIB, CE, C-TICK, FCC Integration of Wavenis modem into a Handheld compliant with standards CE, FCC, CTICK Hardware designs : - Gateway, ...
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Senior Software engineer

Chez Pleyo

De 2006 à avril 2009
- Code optimization on embedded Arm platforms - Cross compilation Arm cores, SH4, AMD, x86 - Math, and 2D-graphic acceleration, code optimization, of SDL library. HPC : Optimization of rotation matrix computation on Intel Quad core written in assembly language. Eight time faster than native algo ...
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Team leader and project manager

Chez E'process - Iwedia

De 2001 à 2006
- Project management - Team management - Linux driver development (Audio, Video, graphic, networking, communication, ...) - Linux Kernel optimization, and tuning.

Senior hardware engineer

Chez CFE-KALIDEA (Groupe Inforéalité)

De 1998 à 2001
- Video and graphic card designer (for broadcast market) - Graphic and video fast algorithm development in assembler on superscalar DSP (Nexperia) - Design of a full digital audio crossbar supporting SSI, AES/EBU, SPDIF, and analog standards - Audio library development

Chargé d'études Traitement du signal

Chez TDF

De 1991 à 1998
- Design of a real time Audio watermaking system based on perceptual coding (Patented Jap, US, EU) - Design of a high bitrate modem for french FM radio broadcast (Patented, EU) - Video compression algorithm for RNIS transmission (Patented, US, EU) - Design of several digital modems : MSK, ...
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Computer shop manager (Turnover 3MF)

Chez Micro Futur

De 1988 à 1991
- Computer sales, maintenance, training, ....


  • Audio
  • C++
  • Electronique
  • Gestion de projet
  • Linux
  • Programmation
  • Traitement du Signal
  • Video

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