Philippe Van der Wal

Philippe Van der Wal

Président directeur, Groupe Human Mobility

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En poste chez Groupe Human Mobility, Human Mobility BV

Précédents : KPN MOBILE


    En résumé

    Philippe van der Wal (1969) studied Public Administration and worked as a consultant at SoftVision Educational Group, AND International Publishers and KPN (Corporate Sales Manager) where he was part of management. In 2004 he founded Human Mobility what has become a successful Chance consultancy and Talentmanagement organization (Methode TMA). Thrue his experience, he became a vigorous adviser, manager, trainer and facilitator. He supports several large and smaller companies such as KPN, Municipality of Amsterdam, Siemens, BT Syntegra, ABN AMRO, ING, KLM, Ricoh, Human Capital Scan, and Atos Origin. Besides his role as Managing Director of the Human Mobility Group he is involved in the personal development projects of various managers and executives as a coach. He can be best described as entrepreneurial, motivated, communicative, persuasive, result oriented with strategic insight. Philippe van der Wal is an inspiring and engaging facilitator. He is married and father of two sons.


Président Directeur Général

Chez Groupe Human Mobility

De 2011 à aujourd'hui
Le Groupe Human Mobility diffuse la Méthode TMA, un outil exhaustif d'analyses pour le recrutement ainsi que le développement et l’évaluation du personnel. Notre credo : c'est lorsque les personnes travaillent au plus près de leur vraie nature qu'elles sont les plus motivées, efficaces et ...
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Managing Director

Chez Human Mobility BV

De 2004 à aujourd'hui

Manager Corporate Sales


De 1998 à 2004


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