Pierre-André Hyernard

Pierre-André Hyernard

Risk management director & Quality Program director, Faurecia

En poste chez Faurecia

Précédents : Faurecia, Faurecia Seating product Group, Faurecia Seating Metal Product Group, Faurecia Seating Metal product Group, Valeo Connective Systems VW division,, Valeo Connective systems, Valeo Connective Systems, Valeo Wiper Systems, Valeo Wiping System - Paul Journée, Valeo Wiping System - Paul Journee, Valeo Wiping System - Paul Journée,, Valeo Wiper System, , NCS, Group Luchaire, Armament and Pyrotechnics activities, 10,000 employees, Luchaire Group


Précédents : INSEAD, Internal Trainings


    En résumé

    An industrial, with a pragmatic approach of the Quality, able to work in an international context


Risk management director & Quality Program director

Chez Faurecia

De juillet 2013 à aujourd'hui
July 2013 to date, Risk management director and Quality Program director for Faurecia Seating, € 6.6 Billions, 42,100 people, 71 production sites and 19 technical centers in 23 countries. 1°) Risk management director for the Business Group. In case of risk of recall for safety and ...
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Mechanisms Division Quality director

Chez Faurecia

De janvier 2008 à juin 2013
, Quality director (Europe, India, China, Canada and Mexico) Mechanisms activity, 4 main activities during this period 1°) Quality Management of Mechanisms activities in the world. Define the quality policy of the division. Managing teams hierarchical and functional throughout the ...
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Operations quality manager

Chez Faurecia

De janvier 2007 à janvier 2008
Business Group level, Faurecia Automotive Seating, Definition and implementation of the common quality standards for the Business Group. Develop production audit supports. Management of large safety and regulations alert of the Business Group. Main results: Management of one of the biggest ...
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SPG qulity Operation director

Chez Faurecia Seating product Group

De 2007 à 2008

Industrial plan director

Chez Faurecia Seating Metal Product Group

De 2005 à 2008

Director of the Industrial Plan

Chez Faurecia

De février 2005 à janvier 2007
As part of an overall restructuring plan decided by Faurecia, in charge to define a transfer management system and associated indicators. In charge of the training of the transfer teams & Negotiation with customers of the transfer scenario and associated validation plans. Management of the ...
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Plant Manager

Chez Faurecia

De mai 2004 à février 2005
FAURECIA Seat Metal Product Group, EUR 1Mds plant manager: 650 employees, EUR 110 m Very Old plant put under control very quickly with stoppage of the safety alerts and quality in 3 months. Re-motivated teams and establishing trust with the social partners. Complete reorganization of the ...
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Brieres les Scellés plant Manager

Chez Faurecia Seating Metal product Group

De 2004 à 2005

Industrial director

Chez Valeo Connective Systems VW division,

De janvier 2002 à avril 2004
Member of the Executive Committee. Following acquisition of this division, setting the industry standard of 5 Valeo plants of the division. Reorganization of a factory in the Czech Republic before being forced to transfer its production and close the plant. Reorganization of a factory in ...
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Internal Trainings, Reilly , Jablonec , Abrera Etc

internal trainings

De juin 1986 à avril 2004
IMS , HOSHIN, 5S, SMED, Pull flow system, project management Production control and logistics: Kaizen Institute, Bill Belt

VW division Industrial director

Chez Valeo Connective systems

De 2000 à 2004

Plant Manager

Chez Valeo Connective Systems

De janvier 2001 à décembre 2001
Connective Systems, Tunisia,1500 employees, EUR 150 M Recovery in a factory hand in crisis and a project being started. Motivation and training of Tunisian teams. More than 1000 persons trained to the quality requirements of European Manufacturers. Ditto for the production. Main Results: Gain ...
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Plant Manager, Valeo Wiping System

Chez Valeo Wiping System - Paul Journée

De décembre 1994 à décembre 2000
Upgrading of the plant with implementation of the Group standards, deployment of Lean manufacturing tools and launch of new products and means of production processes. Rubber extrusion, automatic assembly of products, packaging process various painting cataphoresis painting line, fine stamping ...
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Director of product line

Chez Valeo Wiping System - Paul Journee

De janvier 1993 à décembre 1994
Valeo Wiping System Paul Journée, 400 employees, EUR 65 M Responsibility for product line Obturation- Remplissage - Régulation (ORR), from R&D to production. Successful launch of a new product range for the plant with a gross margin over 30%. Main Results: Contribution to improve the gross ...
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Sales Engineer

Chez Valeo Wiping System - Paul Journée,

De octobre 1989 à décembre 1992
In charge of commercial original equipment products. Project manager for new products with monitoring the development and industrialization. Main Results: The profitability of the business I was in charge was increased to more than 30% gross margin.

INSEAD, Fontainebleau


janvier 1990

Project Head: Airbag Igniters Production Unit

Chez , NCS, Group Luchaire, Armament and Pyrotechnics activities, 10,000 employees

De janvier 1988 à septembre 1989
Development of the first airbag igniters in the world and implementation of the world's first automatic production line of airbag igniters. Main Results: Project completed according to both schedule and budget. Mercedes was the first manufacturers to launch its vehicles equipped with airbag ...
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Airbag Squib Unit Product Project Manager

Chez Luchaire Group

De 1986 à 1989

Design engineer

Chez , NCS, Group Luchaire, Armament and Pyrotechnics activities, 10,000 employees

De juin 1986 à janvier 1988
Development and industrialization of numerous pyrotechnic systems.


  • Crisis Management
  • Implementation of the Virtual reality/ Rapid and c
  • Just-in-Time
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Logistics
  • Management of Safety and regulations crisis
  • Production Control
  • production scheduling
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