Quentin Deberdt

Quentin Deberdt

Game Designer

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Précédents : C.C.C.P., Belle productions / Vigo Universal, AMA Studios, KTM Advance, Immersive Solutions, 3Dduo


Précédents : SupInfoGame



Game Designer

Chez Gameloft

De mai 2015 à aujourd'hui
Game Designer on: Minion Rush (iOS/Androïd): Runner F2P using the intellectual property of Despicable Me • Planning and implementing in-game events according to the target and monetization survey • Designing and implementing new contents (costumes, levels...) for upcoming updates • Help with ...
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Game designer

Chez C.C.C.P.

De avril 2014 à juin 2014
Game4Job (iOS/Androïd): Managing people looking for a job by coaching them and finding job offers * Tune the level design and track missing or mismatch contents ; * Define the rules of a contest occurring at the same time ; * Integrate the partner's content into the ...
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Chez Belle productions / Vigo Universal

De juin 2013 à avril 2014
NDA (iOS): Design levels (using in-house editor) for a game of skill for Vigo Universal. NDA (PC): Define the content for a prototype of serious game about ecological policies and help with an answer to a call for tenders for Belle productions.

Game designer

Chez AMA Studios

De février 2011 à juin 2013
Fighter Within (Xbox One, Ubisoft): Fighting game using Kinect * Design main gameplay loops and tune them. * Design the game's ergonomy ; * Define assets for the game (sounds, animations, HUD...) ; * Manage playtests and analyze their results My coach Self ...
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Game designer

Chez KTM Advance

De juillet 2010 à février 2011
Serious IP (PC): A game to discover the roles and rules of intellectual property * Design and make paper prototypes to test it ; * Design HUD and navigation for the final product V.A.U.G (prototype on Iphone): Polish with partners the gameplay of an augmented reality game in an ...
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Level Designer

Chez Immersive Solutions

De juin 2009 à octobre 2009
My Stadiums (PC): Virtual community on the football theme * Design the mini-games' puzzles ; * Place cameras in a 3D environment according to marketing demands

SupInfoGame, Aulnoy Lez Valenciennes

Master in game design and management, SupInfoGame

De 2006 à 2010

Game Designer

Chez 3Dduo

De juillet 2008 à septembre 2008
Leelh (PC): 3D MMORPG in a post apocalyptic world * Creation of a craft system based of salvage ; * Define instance places to bring variety and challenge Training


  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Agile Methodology
  • Android
  • C#
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • IOS
  • Kanban
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  • Acting
  • Writing (short stories)