Roland Mor

Roland Mor

CEO Co-owner, Quodagis IT

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CEO co-owner

Chez Vialis IT

De décembre 2015 à aujourd'hui
Vialis is a consulting company with strong expertise in IT infrastructure transformation.

Co-owner, Chairman

Chez IT-tude

De mai 2015 à aujourd'hui

Co-owner, CEO

Chez umantic

De février 2015 à aujourd'hui

CEO Co-owner

Chez Quodagis IT

De janvier 2014 à aujourd'hui
Quodagis is a holding structure I founded in January 2014, which aims at acquiring and putting in synergies small high-performance companies in the field of IT infrastructure management. Since 2014, 4 companies have joined this project: EODESK (Service Desk and Managed Services), UMANTIC (Telecom / ...
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De 2001 à aujourd'hui
Techsonic is a R&D company located in the techno park of Sophia Antipolis (France) and specialized in acoustics. The company was founded more than 10 years ago by Gil Ching and a team of PHD / engineers in acoustic sciences. Since the year 2000, the company has focused on the megasonic technology ...
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Senior Advisor

Chez Percall

De janvier 2014 à décembre 2014



De 2002 à décembre 2014
PERCALL is an IT Service Company founded in Lyon (France) in the year 2000 with several center in Rabat (Morocco) and Auvergne (Vichy, Aurillac). The company organization and strategy is based on solution /expertise centers: International Technical Support (Rabat, Aurillac) and PLM solutions ...
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De 2002 à 2010
Since December 2010, App-line is totally owned by Akio, a leading a company in the customer interaction management market. App-line is a software company specialized in IVR and Contact Center technologies. Located in Sophia Antipolis (Technological & Research Park in the south of France) and ...
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HEC, Paris

Executive MBA/HEC

De 2001 à 2002