Serge ROY

Serge ROY

Construction Engineer / Project Manager / Supervisor

Disponible / Available : June, 2019

En poste chez Easy Skill

Précédents : Hatch, Société d'Équipement de la Nouvelle-Calédonie, Francelot - Khor immobilier, EIFFAGE, AFD, Base de Données / DataBase


Précédents : Ecole Supérieure Des Travaux Publics, State Technological University Of La Rochelle


    En résumé

    Profil(e) Linked'In : Resume / Curriculum Vitae : Eng (Std) : " " (TLine) : Français : Graduated / Diplomes : Engineer -- > University -- > FRANÇAIS : Célibataire né en 1972 à Abidjan (Côte d'Ivoire) - Sans contrainte familiale Formation combinant des diplômes universitaire (IUT-Genie Civil) et de grande école (ESTP-Cachan). Expérience professionnelle variée et complémentaires : maison individuelle, promotion immobilière, lotissement (côté administratif & côté travaux), aménagement du territoire (en SEM), et construction industrielle à l'international depuis bientôt 10 ans. ENGLISH : Serge is a Senior Project Manager with a 20 years’ experience in Construction. Its technical areas of expertise include civil, building, pavement and piping works (all related to Utilities) and Urbanism/real estate sectors. Professionally, after a first experience as Construction superintendent at Wallis-&-Futuna islands (1996-97), Serge went back in France to toughen its professional skills (1997-2003) consecutively as general foreman, supervisor and engineering manager. Then, he decided to settle in New-Caledonia as Project Manager (2003-2009), in charge of urbanism projects (related to Noumea-city expansion) and constructions for real-estate sector (both individual houses and apartments). During the period “January 2010 - December 2015”, Serge worked on the building-Site of the KNS Nickel Pyrometallurgical Plant in New Caledonia. Recruited as Construction Superintendant focused on Temporary facilities, Buildings, Piping and Civil, he then has been transferred (April 2012) to Field Engineering team as Project Engineer (management of Engineering and leadership on Civil & Structural issues relating to Utilities). Its experience in Construction (with a background of Engineer) helped him to solve issues raised late during the Construction phase. With the demobilization of Field-Engineering team, Serge was then offered (November 2013) to switch from Construction to Operation, as Senior Project Manager for “General-Services & Port Facilities” Department. Its first main responsibility was to manage the decommissioning of the 6000 beds Construction Base-Camp, including shifting of population, closure of facilities, then re-use, sale or deconstruction of buildings. He also has been commissioned, still in secondment for GS&PF Department, to manage new projects : - until Dec.2014 as coordinator/client (as new projects were led by a separate dedicated Department), - until August 2015, more as engineer/designer (focused on re-use of BC surplus) and work-supervisor. - until Dec 2015 as Civil-Structure supervisor in pyro-metallurgical Furnace-1 rebuilt team. - until June 2016 as Engineer @Hatch office, working on Tenders and administrative tasks (translations ENG-FR / FR-ENG; review of procedures, etc). Due to a decreasing workload at the Company, he resigned June 30th from its permanent contract (common agreement with Hatch) and then has been several times contracted by fixed-term contracts (still employed by Hatch, then by Easy-Skill) : - From Sept16 to Jan17 as Mechanical supervisor on Power-Plant annual shutdown (line 1) - From April17 to June18 as Mechanical & Logistic supervisor on Power-Plant annual shutdown (line 2)


Project Manager Mecha-Logistic / Supervisor

Chez Easy Skill

De août 2018 à aujourd'hui
From August 2018 to January 2019 : Project Manager = Preparation of the annual shutdown of a Power-Plant (scheduled in February 2019) then from February 2019 to March 2019 : Mechanical & Logistic supervisor during the shutdown previously prepared

Chargé de Projet & Superviseur / Project Manager & Supervisor

Chez Hatch

De septembre 2017 à juin 2018
From September 2017 to March 2018 : Project Manager = Preparation of the annual shutdown of a Power-Plant (scheduled in March 2018) From March 2018 to June 2018 : Mechanical & Logistic supervisor during the shutdown previously prepared

Supeviseur Logistique-Mécanique / Logistic-Mecha. Supervisor

Chez Hatch

De avril 2017 à août 2017
Logistic supervisor : Site logistic of material/containers ; Fuel-Elec-Water supply ; Cranes/Trucks/... Mechanical supervisor : Modification or new piping projects during a major shutdown of KNS Power Plant Line2 - Marking, Fitting, Welding, Assembly of mechanical eqpt & pipes, @ workshop and @ ...
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Superviseur Mécanique / Mechanical Supervisor

Chez Hatch

De septembre 2016 à janvier 2017
Modification or new piping projects during a major shutdown of KNS Power Plant Line1 - Marking, Fitting, Welding, Assembly of mechanical eqpt & pipes, @ workshop and @ site - Refractory / Insulation works, Transfer of 6-8t elements and Lifting up to confined spaces - Procurement and scaffolding ...
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Ingénieur Projets / Project Engineer

Chez Hatch

De janvier 2016 à juin 2016
Main tasks : Administrative tasks (translation of documents from English to French, review of internal procedures, etc) Daily web-search of new project (Requests for Proposals relating to Hatch business and located in Oceania)

Superviseur / Superintendent : Civil & Structure

Chez Hatch

De août 2015 à décembre 2015
Main references : 1/ Reconstruction of Tapping-Car A & B (Refinery-Side of the plant) 2/ Repairs and protection of slag tap-holes (Pyro/Slag-Side of the plant) Procurement of material, and call for tenders from contractors Project control (as planner and ...
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Chargé de Projets / Field Project Manager

Chez Hatch

De octobre 2013 à août 2015
Main references : 1/ Decommissioning of a 6000 beds base-camp Scheduling & Coordination of activities in co-activity with Camp's Life (camp still operational) Progressive dismantling of buildings / facilities* (including relocation of residents) Promotion for ReUse of Camp facilities / ...
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Ingénieur Travaux / Field Project Engineer

Chez Hatch

De mai 2012 à octobre 2013
Main references : 1/ Field engineering activities relating to Utilities & Commons (clarification, modification of design according Construction issues and requests, mainly regarding Civil, Piping & Road pavement matters) 2/ Project Management : Fabrication of tanks and other facilities, Design of ...
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Superviseur / Superintendent : Civil-Building-Piping

Chez Hatch

De janvier 2010 à mai 2012
Main references : 1/ Civil : Desalination - Demineralization Water Plant 2/ Civil : Industrial Cooling Towers including Hypochlorite Generator & Blowdown Sump 3/ Piping (UG & AG) : Kilometers of Industrial piping (carbon steel, concrete, PVC, HDPE, PVC and FRP pipes) 5/ Structure : Industrial sheds ...
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Chef de Projets / Project Manager

Chez Société d'Équipement de la Nouvelle-Calédonie

De octobre 2003 à janvier 2010
Main tasks : Senior Project Manager from Technical-Design to Hand-Over, including all relational and financial aspects relating to large “Construction” and “Urban development” Projects. General management of various partners and authorities (Environmental, Security & Engineering departments ; ...
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Ingénieur Travaux / Construction Engineer

Chez Francelot - Khor immobilier

De janvier 1999 à octobre 2003
2001/03 Construction manager / Servicing of housing-estates from conception to hand-over In the mean time, Serge was designated, starting 2002, to be also in charge of… 2002/03 Regional Construction Manager, Construction of Villas/Apartments from conception to hand-over 1999/01 Building-plot ...
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France - Construction Supervisor & Technical supervisor


De 1998 à 1999
SOCAMIP (EIFFAGE) - La Rochelle (17), France - Construction Supervisor - Technical supervisor of Villas (about 20u simultaneous) - Recruitment & Management of craftsmen / Relation with Clients * Feel free to visit SOCAMIP website


Chez AFD

De 1996 à 1997
Responsible of ``Personal Property Access'' Loans - Technical control of projects ; - Construction supervisor (10u simultaneous) / Bills Payment / Conflicts management * Feel free to visit AFD's website at :

Ecole Supérieure Des Travaux Publics, Cachan

Travaux de la Construction - Engineering of civil & public works, Ecole Supérieure des Travaux Publics

De septembre 1992 à juin 1995
1st / 14 students

State Technological University Of La Rochelle, La Rochelle

IUT Genie-Civil, State Technological University of La Rochelle

De septembre 1990 à juin 1992
5th / 78 students


Chez Base de Données / DataBase

juin 1972
Curriculum Vitae détaillé (FR) : Detailed Resume (EN) : Timeline Career (EN) ...
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***** REFERENCES part 1 *****

Chez Base de Données / DataBase

mai 1972
References (from previous Managers) #Document protégé : Merci de demander le mot de passe (password) à References (from previous ...
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***** REFERENCES part 2 *****

Chez Base de Données / DataBase

avril 1972
2010 - Changement d'employeur = Pas d'Entretien annuel effectué No annual skills appraisal form filled, due to my move from a Company to another 2009 - Entretien annuel de compétence / Annual skills appraisal 2008 - Entretien ...
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***** Certificats de Travail / Work Certificates *****

Chez Base de Données / DataBase

mars 1972
2018/04 - 2018/06 --> EASY SKILL 2017/04 - 2018/04 --> HATCH 2016/09 - 2017/01 --> ...
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