Thomas Milani

Thomas Milani

Marine Engineer

En poste chez Perenco

Précédents : Bourbon Offshore, San Giorgio del Porto, CMA CGM, Alten SA, PRINCIPIA SAS, Mechanical laboratory of ENSTA Paristech, Albergue Rulka Hue - San Martin de los andes - Argentina


Précédents : Ecole Nationale De La Marine Marchande A Marseille, Ecole Nationale Supérieure Des Techniques Avancées, Lycée Pierre De Fermat, Lycée International Victor Hugo


Project Superintendent - Maintenance and Repair

Chez Bourbon Offshore

De juillet 2012 à juillet 2013
In charge of projects of dry-docking and conversion for Bourbon Offshore's vessels.

Ship Manager

Chez San Giorgio del Porto

De avril 2011 à juin 2012
Responsible of cost control, work organization, daily coordination meetings with the Ship Owner, inspections on board for quotations redaction and negotiation of the variation orders. A highly versatile activity where I have been involved in quick projects ("Bourbon Aladin" - 1 month, "Italtech Big ...
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Cadet officer


De novembre 2010 à janvier 2011
To be prepared for my journey on board, I followed a 2 months formation at the Ecole Nationale de la Marine Marchande de Marseille including lessons about engines and machinery, navigation, maritime right as well as survival, first aid and fire fighting tests. From the 8th of november to the 13th of ...
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Naval architect at TECHNIP FRANCE

Chez Alten SA

De septembre 2009 à septembre 2010
A one year mission as a Naval Architect at Technip France headquaters in Paris - La Défense. As part of the SHELL gFLNG naval architecture team I was first in charge of the redaction of the Wave Basin test of the project which occured at MARIN (Netherlands). Then I took care of the deep water ...
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Technical coordinator


De décembre 2008 à juin 2009
A 8 months internship as technical coordinator of the project SeaOrbiter. A first experience in naval architecture that enables me to discover many aspects of the maritime industry. Indeed, I was in charge of the coordination between the different partners of the project (DCNS, NASA, Marintek, ...
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Chez Mechanical laboratory of ENSTA Paristech

De mai 2008 à juillet 2008
A 3 months research internship studying a criteria in fatigue based on energy used with shape memory alloys. My task was to study if it was possible to widen the range of use of this criteria to other materials. The results of the study were used to write a publication in the "International Journal ...
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Chez Albergue Rulka Hue - San Martin de los andes - Argentina

De juillet 2007 à août 2007
A 5 weeks internship in San Martin de los Andes (Argentina) as a receptionist. These weeks spent in a fully spanish speaking ambiant enabled me to improve my knowledge of that langage.


  • CAO
  • Curious
  • Management
  • Organised

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