André Magras

André Magras

Founder & Gerant, Sustain Your Biz

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Précédents : Technicolor, Thomson, Alcatel


Précédents : ESC Rennes School Of Business, Institut National Des Sciences Appliquées


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    After several years I've managed few teams and several projects in an international and competitive context. I've experienced the main challenges faced by an organization developing B2B products for the digital media market. How to capture customers’ needs? How to build a coherent and resilient technological roadmap and a corresponding product portfolio in line with future trends? How to foster innovation to remain competitive? How to manage customers’ decision pipeline up to contract signature? How my organization shall anticipate a market becoming mature? What are the key challenges facing the management when executing strategic plans? How to drive the change? And so forth … I’ve then decided to broaden my horizon with an Executive MBA in 2013 at ESC Rennes and I continued to improve my strategic thinking. Which impacts will have different alternatives on internal and external stakeholders? How to do the best choice? How to define execution plans for marketing, finance, operations and HRM functions? How to take into account technological trends, CSR and cross-cultural teams? How to build sustainable business strategies? In a competitive landscape, it is necessary to select appropriate market segments and build a portfolio of products that differentiate you from your competitors. But in a fast moving context, how can we adjust constantly the company to its environment? How to align regularly the products with its strategic customers?


Founder & Gerant

Chez Sustain Your Biz

De novembre 2013 à aujourd'hui
The capability for a company to build strategic plans while remaining agile will be a key asset for its future success. This is with this experience and this awareness of the company's challenges that I’ve founded "Sustain Your Biz" and that I'm starting a new ...
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Project Manager to Agile Product Owner

Chez Technicolor

De janvier 2011 à octobre 2012
• Agile product owner for a digital TV core middleware team in an international development context on (Rennes, Indianapolis and China) for Telecom Italia in Italy. • Defining backlog jointly with marketing and R&D and responsible of R&D implementation. • As a manager I’ve performed the transition ...
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Waterfall Project Manager and Team manager

Chez Technicolor

De janvier 2004 à décembre 2010
• 2010: Team building and management of IPTV customer teams and maintenance teams managing several projects in parallel with 3 projects managers for operators such as Orange, Telenor, RiksTV, Canal+, TopUpTV. • Setup SLAs for technical facts management and professional services. • 2009 ...
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Software development and integration leader

Chez Thomson

De janvier 2000 à janvier 2004
• 2000: Software development and integration leader on digital TV based on an outsourced and customized middleware (Open TV) for customers such as Technologies, Strong, Viasat, Viadigital.

Concept design & competency center

Chez Thomson

De avril 1995 à janvier 2000
• 1997: MPEG competency center team building for QoS & certification. Streams and tools development. • 1995: Concept design on MPEG audio / video decoding and display. Standards representative.

Concept design & RFPs

Chez Alcatel

De janvier 1994 à avril 1995
• RFPs for Canal+ digital TV early decoders. • Concept design on MPEG decoding.